The Adrenal Fatigue Diet Demystified


Adrenal Fatigue: The Facts

Adrenal fatigue is a collection of symptoms that result from an underperforming adrenal gland. Of these symptoms, the most prevalent one is fatigue that will not go away, even with extra sleep. As may be expected, adrenal fatigue can be hard to diagnose and pinpoint because the sufferer may not feel like she has a specific illness. Severity can range from a general feeling of being tired and unwell to more extreme cases where the sufferer may hardly be able to get out of bed. The less the adrenal gland performs its proper role, the more the rest of the body is negatively affected. Continue Reading…

The Health Risks of Living a Mad Men Lifestyle

mad men

The high rolling ad executives on the show Mad Men live hedonistic lifestyles characterized by excess and decadence. The pivotal character of the show, Don Draper is a brilliant example of how to best destroy your health through a veritable catalogue of vices – come take a look at how to avoid the pitfalls of a Mad Men lifestyle.

*Caution, spoiler alert!* Continue Reading…

Love and Your Health – 8 Astounding Health Benefits of Being in Love

Pacific Prime Love Benefits

The Benefits of Love

Love is everywhere it seems. Movies, songs and poetry all focus on the ecstasy of falling in love, the bliss of being in love, and the all-consuming heartbreak when love ends. If you pay attention to the huge percentage of radio stations showcasing the wailing of these talentless corporate shills, love is the most powerful thing on earth. Well, except for automatic weaponry. Love doesn’t stand a chance against a fully locked and loaded MR16.

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