The Health Risks of Living a Mad Men Lifestyle

mad men

The high rolling ad executives on the show Mad Men live hedonistic lifestyles characterized by excess and decadence. The pivotal character of the show, Don Draper is a brilliant example of how to best destroy your health through a veritable catalogue of vices – come take a look at how to avoid the pitfalls of a Mad Men lifestyle.

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Shocking Remedies We Once Believed Were Healthy

old remedies

Ever seen a cigarette ad from the 1950’s? “More doctors smoke Camel cigarettes than any other cigarette.” “To keep a slender figure, no one can deny Lucky Strike.” “Viceroys filter the smoke. As your dentist, I would recommend Viceroy.” “2,679 physicians say Luckys  are less irritating.”

We’ve been led to believe a lot of hokum about health, most often in the name of consumerism. Some trends, however, have been more damaging than others. One would hope this sort of thing has faded over time or at least improved with the establishment of regulatory boards, more accurate scientific testing and better informed consumers.

One would be sorely mistaken. It seems we never learn our lesson. We’re still getting duped all the time. Consider some of the things we were once led to believe were good for us: Continue Reading…

Sleep: The Essential Guide to Getting a Great Night’s Rest


Sleep is an integral part of maintaining good health and helping us recharge our batteries. It increases alertness, and keeps us happier and more energized. But when insomnia strikes, what’s the best way to combat it and make sure to get a good night’s shut-eye?

Along with access to food, water and oxygen, sleep is one of the most fundamental human needs. Studies have found that sleep deprivation can have a variety of adverse physical and cognitive effects. Degradation of fine motor skills and reaction times, impaired judgement, reduced short term memory and inattention are but a few of the negative consequences when the human body is denied sleep for extended periods of time.

Whilst the exact reasons as to why we sleep are contentious, few would disagree that they feel better after a good night’s rest. There are many important benefits to being well rested; in fact, many of the human body’s restorative functions such as protein synthesis, tissue repair, muscle growth and growth hormone release occur primarily – and in many cases exclusively – during sleep.

Many people experience the occasional bout of sleeplessness, but by following a few simple suggestions, it’s easy to get a great night’s sleep and wake up invigorated and ready to take on the challenges of a new day. Continue Reading…

The Top 3 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 and How to Manage Them!

Many people consider saving money, volunteering, or spending more time with family when making new year resolutions, but the most popular resolutions always relate to health. Dieting and eating more healthily is the number one resolution at the top of everyone’s list. Closely followed in second is quitting smoking, and third is cutting back on alcohol. Why are these the most popular new years resolutions, though? And how can these goals be reached, instead of ditched early in the year?

Dieting is top of the list because it’s the hardest commitment to keep. Almost every single person who has this goal are impatient and want results straight away, which can be their downfall. Also, people can look at that resolution as a whole and think it’s too difficult to stick to throughout the year.

The best way to keep on the right path of dieting is by setting small targets for yourself. Keep a food diary and make a weekly food plan, so it’s harder to stray from the diet. If eating healthy (as opposed to losing weight) is your goal, then remember the golden rule recommended by doctors – eating five fruit or veg every day.
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