Tips for Avoiding and Getting Over Jetlag

jet lag

Few things are nicer than getting away on an extended vacation, and when it involves crossing several time zones it is especially relaxing since so much distance between you and home makes it easier to let go of the stress and hustle of daily life.

The only thing that can take away from the long-looked-forward-to holiday is feeling exhausted all day long and then being wide awake at 3 a.m. And then when it comes time to head back to real life, it’s not just the stack of unread emails and small disasters that occurred at work in your absence that can cause stress, because getting back into a normal sleep routine often take a few days or even a couple of weeks for many people. So, to enjoy that much needed break without feeling like a train wreck when you get there or get home, here are a few tips to combat the dreaded jetlag. Continue Reading…

Sleep: The Essential Guide to Getting a Great Night’s Rest


Sleep is an integral part of maintaining good health and helping us recharge our batteries. It increases alertness, and keeps us happier and more energized. But when insomnia strikes, what’s the best way to combat it and make sure to get a good night’s shut-eye?

Along with access to food, water and oxygen, sleep is one of the most fundamental human needs. Studies have found that sleep deprivation can have a variety of adverse physical and cognitive effects. Degradation of fine motor skills and reaction times, impaired judgement, reduced short term memory and inattention are but a few of the negative consequences when the human body is denied sleep for extended periods of time.

Whilst the exact reasons as to why we sleep are contentious, few would disagree that they feel better after a good night’s rest. There are many important benefits to being well rested; in fact, many of the human body’s restorative functions such as protein synthesis, tissue repair, muscle growth and growth hormone release occur primarily – and in many cases exclusively – during sleep.

Many people experience the occasional bout of sleeplessness, but by following a few simple suggestions, it’s easy to get a great night’s sleep and wake up invigorated and ready to take on the challenges of a new day. Continue Reading…

Five Top Tips for Better Sleep and Brighter Mornings

Five top tips for better sleep and brighter mornings.


RING! RING! RIIIIING! The alarm goes off at 7:00 a.m. Your eyes snap open just as your hand flies overhead to slap the snooze button. Ahh…sweet surrender.

RING! RING! RIIIIING! Again it blares at 7:10 a.m.You roll over this time, rousing your brain just enough to know how many more times you can smash that snooze button and still make it to work on time.

RING! RING! RIIIIIIING! Unbelievably, it is now 7:50 a.m. You have ten minutes left before you must leave for work. You pull on whatever clothes come into focus first, splash some water on your face and head out the door. The workday has begun.

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