Shocking Remedies We Once Believed Were Healthy

old remedies

Ever seen a cigarette ad from the 1950’s? “More doctors smoke Camel cigarettes than any other cigarette.” “To keep a slender figure, no one can deny Lucky Strike.” “Viceroys filter the smoke. As your dentist, I would recommend Viceroy.” “2,679 physicians say Luckys  are less irritating.”

We’ve been led to believe a lot of hokum about health, most often in the name of consumerism. Some trends, however, have been more damaging than others. One would hope this sort of thing has faded over time or at least improved with the establishment of regulatory boards, more accurate scientific testing and better informed consumers.

One would be sorely mistaken. It seems we never learn our lesson. We’re still getting duped all the time. Consider some of the things we were once led to believe were good for us: Continue Reading…