Top 10 Tips For A Healthier Burger

healthy burger

Forget the knives and forks: the humble hamburger is in the midst of a renaissance. From Melbourne to Milan, restaurateurs have helped elevate this classic piece of American folklore into an iconic dish. Every day, more and more enthusiasts join the search for the perfect burger, flooding restaurants and gastropubs to gorge on dishes with creative titles: the Heisenburger, the Primetime and the Prohibition.

Our expectations of a burger have evolved. The days of a frozen patty cooked beyond recognition and slapped into a formless bun with a smattering of greenery are beyond us, but the humble burger is still, for the most part, not a healthy meal option. But the hamburger can be improved. We take a look at how to tuck into a burger, guilt-free. Continue Reading…

Healthy Foods to Pack for a Long Hike


It’s relatively easy to pack for short hikes that last just a few hours: a snack or two to boost energy levels and carrying enough water to last the entire hike will be your main priorities. Longer hikes – for dedicated hikers that can mean three days or more – will require a more precise approach, with hydration, nutrition and weight considerations a priority. Continue Reading…