A Guide to Backpacking in Indonesia – Part 2

In Part 1, which is available for viewing here, we looked at Indonesia’s most popular backpacking locations which provide visitors with a feel and impression for the entire country. In Part 2, we delve a little deeper and turn our attention to the country’s transport infrastructure and how best to move around, Indonesian cuisine and its most popular dishes, society and culture, and the accommodation options available to those backpacking and moving through the islands. Continue Reading…

The Classiest Party Spots in Europe This Summer



While the young graduates of the world are busy frying their brains in Ibiza, dancing their little hearts out in sweaty clubs to the next big thing in the world of DJs and dance music, the slightly more refined Euro-traveller could be sipping on finely brewed pilsner and conversing in broken English with an elderly Czech gentlemen on the banks of the Vltava river. Ah, what bliss!

If classy beverages and stimulating conversation are more your thing, you’ll find plenty such intellectual and cultural fodder all over Europe. Hint: you’ll get even more bang for your book by learning traditional games like backgammon or chess before packing the ol’ seven piece luggage set and waving your friends ta-ta. Read on to find out about 3 of the more classy party spots in Europe to explore this summer. Continue Reading…

Superman Can: Unleash Your Superpowers by Traveling Abroad

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What makes Superman so super? Is it his extraordinary strength, his X-ray vision, or perhaps his ability to soar through the sky? No. It’s the fact that he left his home planet and came to a place that made him strong – and as a traveler, you can do the same.

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Mexico on a Shoestring

Pacific Prime Health Insurance - Mexico Travel Guide

Mexico on a shoestring

Jungles, beaches, ancient architecture, wonderful cuisine and a vibrant nightlife all await visitors to Mexico; and it continues to be a popular destination for young travelers and backpackers in particular. A trip to Mexico can fit easily into many people’s travel plans, so here we list the best and least expensive ways to enjoy a visit to this amazing country.

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