Top Tips for Preventing a Cold This Winter

The days are getting shorter and the mercury is starting to dip. That’s right, winter is around the corner and along with it, all those nasty coughs and colds that come as part of the package. But don’t fear! It’s easier than you think to stay healthy over the chilly months. We look at some of the best ways to avoid getting sick, and if you happen to fall ill, we’ll also show you how best to minimize the impact. Continue Reading…

Shocking Remedies We Once Believed Were Healthy

old remedies

Ever seen a cigarette ad from the 1950’s? “More doctors smoke Camel cigarettes than any other cigarette.” “To keep a slender figure, no one can deny Lucky Strike.” “Viceroys filter the smoke. As your dentist, I would recommend Viceroy.” “2,679 physicians say Luckys  are less irritating.”

We’ve been led to believe a lot of hokum about health, most often in the name of consumerism. Some trends, however, have been more damaging than others. One would hope this sort of thing has faded over time or at least improved with the establishment of regulatory boards, more accurate scientific testing and better informed consumers.

One would be sorely mistaken. It seems we never learn our lesson. We’re still getting duped all the time. Consider some of the things we were once led to believe were good for us: Continue Reading…

Travelers Beware: Six Small Animals to Avoid

Imagine concealing something small enough to fit in your pocket that is capable of killing every player in a football match. Something made not by man, but by Mother Nature herself. As the saying goes, the greatest things come in the smallest packages, especially in the animal kingdom. We’re not sure about you, but up until now we were blissfully unaware of these tiny killers lurking out in the world.

As animals that you would have immense trouble spotting until it was too late, the power in each of their respective punches, bites and stings will literally leave you reeling, and in most cases, fighting for your life. So next time you plan a trip out to the Australian Bush or your favourite Brazilian rainforest, have a read through your health plan and make sure you are covered for the right range of antidotes, antivenoms and procedures you may need after facing any of these six small killers. Continue Reading…

Medical Treatments You’re Grateful They Don’t Use Anymore

I forget the number of times my parents tried to get me to the doctor only for them to be met with flat refusal. “I’m fine!” might be a common exclamation from anyone who feels like visiting the GP amounts to admitting defeat, but try and imagine falling ill only a couple of hundred years ago. Sick citizens must have had a whole array of tricks to get out of seeing their local physician, especially when these three treatments were potential panaceas.

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7 Living organisms that aid modern medicine in the weirdest ways

As the Discovery Channel famously put it, the world is just awesome.

We humans like to think of ourselves as the brainiest of the bunch but really, we are just insignificant walking, talking (albeit less hairy) apes and we’ve actually gained the vast majority of our knowledge from observing the weird and wonderful ways of Mother Nature.

Medicine is a continuously growing field with new discoveries occurring almost everyday. Normally, you wouldn’t think twice about these but have you ever stopped to consider just how many of our medical advancements have come straight from nature?

Whether it’s the depths of a jungle or the reefs of an ocean, the flora and fauna on our planet have generally been around a lot longer than us and as a result, they’ve come up with some ridiculously efficient methods of combating whatever poses a threat to their survival.

More often than not, we humans experience some of these same threats but pale in comparison when it comes to overcoming them.

It makes a lot of sense then, to put more time and effort into the study of nature and what it can offer. An alternative to morphine made by venomous snails? Multipurpose sunscreen secreted from sweaty hippo glands? The possibilities truly are endless, so here are just 7 incredible living things that have either already benefited medicine, or are about to do so in unbelievable ways.
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