How to Travel on a Budget in Paris, New York and London

travel on a budget

Paris is a fun place to spend money. But it’s no less interesting on a budget. It might be exciting to shop your face off on the Champs-Elysées, but you’ll have a much more interesting time cruising up and down the car-free, cobblestone streets of le Marais.

Of course, the same can be said of New York City and London. Many of the world’s greatest cities are best explored on foot, coffee and camera in hand (or possibly tucked into a fanny pack). In Paris you can stem your appetite for most of the day with espresso and croissants. In London you can cool it with a pint. And in New York it’s trendy to go hungry anyway. Continue Reading…

How to Have a Budget Holiday in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


Here’s the thing about resort towns in Mexico: it is very easy to spend money unnecessarily. In Playa del Carmen, stores like Victoria’s Secret and Forever 21 decorate the main street. From a Rolex to a year’s supply of Viagra, everything is available for the eager buyer.

What’s not immediately obvious is that almost everything is available for a discount price. (Unless you’re shopping for a Rolex watch, of course). Do your research if you don’t want to get taken for a ride.

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6 of the Best Spring Destinations

spring vacation

Whether you’re interested in sport, music, nature or cultural activities, we’ve scoured the world for the best places to visit during the spring months and compiled a program of some of the greatest events and festivals to explore. Click through for six compelling reasons to book yourself a trip, enjoy everything that the season has to offer and shake off those winter blues. Continue Reading…

The Top 6 Vacations for Warming Up Over Winter


With winter having well and truly clasped its icy tendrils around us, it can get harder and harder to get out of bed in the mornings. For some of us, winter is the perfect excuse to dust off the snowboard and hit the slopes; for others it’s time to hibernate.

If your idea of a perfect winter getaway doesn’t revolve around the snow, and the prospect of icy temperatures has you shivering already, don’t despair. Simply follow the sun with our pick of some of the best winter blues-busting destinations in Asia and beyond. Continue Reading…

We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday…


Even planning an evening meal for the family is hard work sometimes, so planning a family holiday can be quite stressful indeed. There are so many things to think about: making sure that the destination is safe and gets good reviews for cleanliness and service; trying to choose a favourable climate; making sure that there is a good range of food and activities for children; and of course, ensuring there are enough relaxing and and entertaining options for the grown ups too. To get the best holiday solution for the whole family, read our guide to the best family holiday ideas continent by continent, to help make sure this summer’s trip is one to remember.
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