Exercise Like the X-Men: 7 Steps to Personal Fitness

x-men Superheroes are smart, strong and powerful – and so are you. This summer, get your exercise regimen off the ground with these seven, superhero-worthy steps. The days of your fitness future await. Continue Reading…

Is Social Media Affecting Your Health?

I LikeWith the recent acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook for an astounding amount of money and stock options, some analysts question Mark Zuckerman’s sanity. And since most people are less than thrilled with how Timeline has represented their life since joining Facebook, it’s worth taking a look at how social media may be affecting our health.

To begin with, let’s clear the air: we are for social media, because from the very beginning social media has been a business tool. And today, the ease and convenience of keeping in touch with business contacts, friends and family, staying current with personal interests, and even garnering support for something you are trying to accomplish (be it crowdfunding a steam-powered LEGO car via Twitter or joining a Facebook quit-smoking group) is just too valuable to discard.

Still, all this connectivity can have drawbacks,  so let’s take a closer look at social media’s effects. Continue Reading…

The Truth About Cleanses


Lots of rumors and misinformation surround cleanses, but the main idea is rather simple. Cleansing is meant to detoxify the body from the less desirable things that have been put into it, like toxins or unhealthy foods. Cleanses can also be used to kick start a diet or a change in habits.

Some may confuse fasting and cleansing but they are quite different from one another. Fasting is restriction or abstinence from some or all foods and drinks and could be done for variety of different reasons, such as religion. Cleanses focus more on cleaning out the body and refilling it with nutrient-rich items.

It should be noted that cleanses are not a weight-loss solution. This can be confusing because you will probably lose weight on a cleanse, but you should expect to gain it back afterwards because it is water weight being eliminated from the body. This is similar to diets that prohibit a person from eating one thing or one category of things, like carbohydrates. While it does work in that you will lose weight in the short term, once the item is introduced back into the diet, the weight probably will be too.

Saying that, if you’re feeling unhealthy, sluggish or overweight, a cleanse might be just the thing to get your body headed back in the right direction. Here are four easy cleanses to get you on your way. Continue Reading…

5 Ways To Have A Healthy Valentine’s Day

healthy valentines

Search “Valentine’s Gifts” on Pinterest and you’ll get a lot of pretty (and girly) crafts involving candy and chocolate. And sometimes pepto bismol. It’s pink, after all, and all that candy’s not going to digest itself.

This year, why not skip the refined sugar and create an evening for you and your lover that doesn’t involve acid reflux? Or any pink at all really, unless that’s a colour the two of you actually like.

We can start by acknowledging that most men aren’t that into crafts. Or pink. Or stuff that serves no purpose other than a decorative one. Instead, try some of these simple gifts that any couple can enjoy, that solve the problems of overeating, overpaying and under-enjoying on your special day of love. Continue Reading…

The Adrenal Fatigue Diet Demystified


Adrenal Fatigue: The Facts

Adrenal fatigue is a collection of symptoms that result from an underperforming adrenal gland. Of these symptoms, the most prevalent one is fatigue that will not go away, even with extra sleep. As may be expected, adrenal fatigue can be hard to diagnose and pinpoint because the sufferer may not feel like she has a specific illness. Severity can range from a general feeling of being tired and unwell to more extreme cases where the sufferer may hardly be able to get out of bed. The less the adrenal gland performs its proper role, the more the rest of the body is negatively affected. Continue Reading…

The Top 10 Health and Fitness Gifts This Holiday Season


There are few places on earth that come close to the chaos of a mall in the final days before Christmas. Droves of sweaty shoppers, dizzying lights and overflowing car parks, all set to the inescapably cheery drone of endless Christmas carols. It’s enough to suck any enjoyment out of the festive period and to test both your sanity and resolve. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Does your best friend spend all her time in spin classes? Got a family member looking to take on a half marathon, or maybe a colleague swept up in the CrossFit revolution? Make holiday shopping effortless with our compilation of the Top 10 Coolest Health and Fitness Gadget Gifts: Continue Reading…

Lifehack: 4 Unconventional Sources of Vitamin C


Which vitamin keeps the skin looking taut and youthful, fights off nasty winter colds and prevents the body from becoming overwhelmed with stress? Yep, vitamin C does all these things and more. Continue Reading…

Does Health Insurance Make You Live Longer?

health insurance
Intrinsically, the answer has to be no, doesn’t it? After all, our health is a result of countless factors ranging from our genetics, upbringing, lifestyle, environment and even geography. And it is health care, not health insurance, which has led to humans living longer, healthier lives over the past few centuries.

So it should seem fairly easy to determine that improved medical care and a more thorough understanding of how lifestyle choices affect our health are the primary factors in determining longevity. Continue Reading…

Top Tips for Preventing a Cold This Winter

The days are getting shorter and the mercury is starting to dip. That’s right, winter is around the corner and along with it, all those nasty coughs and colds that come as part of the package. But don’t fear! It’s easier than you think to stay healthy over the chilly months. We look at some of the best ways to avoid getting sick, and if you happen to fall ill, we’ll also show you how best to minimize the impact. Continue Reading…