Top 6 Hiking Trails in Hong Kong

hiking hong kong

When most people think of Hong Kong their minds tend to drift towards crowded sidewalks, soaring skyscrapers, designer shopping centres and astonishing luxury stores, but there is another side to this city. A cursory glance at a map shows that great swathes of the territory are open space to explore. In fact, 40 percent of Hong Kong’s land mass is protected, which means there is a wealth of tree lined plains, woods, mountains, wetlands and beaches to explore. With the health benefits of hiking including reduced risk of heart disease, lower risk of blood pressure, lower risk of colon and breast cancer, reduced depression and better quality sleep, there’s no reason not to get out there and tackle one of Hong Kong’s many hiking trails. We count down six of the best trails. Continue Reading…

Oral Hygiene: Getting to The Mouth of the Problem

oral hygiene

Most of us have grown up being instructed over and over by our parents, dentists and teachers to brush our teeth twice a day, to floss daily and that sweets will rot our teeth. We probably took that advice with a grain of salt (or perhaps ignored it completely in our youth) but we can agree that this is all sound advice to foster healthy teeth and gums. What most of us may not know is just how much the health of our teeth affects the rest of our body and overall health. Everyone wants their teeth to look and feel nice but they are also important to speaking, eating and avoiding bad breath and pain. And it’s not just our teeth. Gum, tongue and overall mouth health are equally important. Here we’ll let you know the risks of letting your oral hygiene suffer and what you can do to prevent it. Continue Reading…

Ebola Insurance: Are You Covered? 


With no vaccination and no cure, Ebola is a disease you really don’t want to get. Unfortunately Ebola is also extremely transmissible, spreading from person to person through blood and bodily fluids, including sweat. Just touching an Ebola patient is enough to spread the disease – even if that patient is already dead. Add to this the fact that Ebola kills 90 percent of the people it infects, and it’s easy to see why the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa is causing huge global concern. Continue Reading…

The Wacky World of Celebrity Body Part Insurance

j lo Celebrities insure the wackiest things. Allegedly. Now that’s key, because there’s little evidence to support most of the wild claims circulating involving billions in insurance policies taken out by self-aggrandising celebrities. And yet body part insurance is very real. It’s not just for celebrities, it’s for everyone. Usually an extension of disability and life insurance, body part insurance has a necessary place in the world of specialty insurance. Continue Reading…

Calling All Couch Potatoes! 5 Surprising Benefits of Football


The biggest tournament in the world’s most popular sport has finally arrived. The build-up to the World Cup finals in Brazil has been dogged by controversy and protests, but now that the tournament is finally underway, billions of people are tuning in each day and night to watch football’s biggest stars do battle for the coveted crown of world champions. With three games each day for the next two weeks or so, it is an ideal time to be a lazy armchair football fan. Or is it?

As we all know, lounging around the living room every evening and watching TV is not exactly conducive to a healthy lifestyle, so we tip our hat to those who are currently feeling the urge to blow the dust off their football boots and go out for a kick-around. Football offers many health benefits, and here are five that may surprise you. Continue Reading…

Why Standing Desks Are the Future of Workplaces

standing desk

The average office worker sits for five hours and 41 minutes a day. That’s before going home and vegetating on the couch for the evening. Between long commutes to work, a day at the desk, going out to lunch or dinner and sitting down to catch the latest episode of Downton Abbey, we are becoming a sedentary species, spending as many as seven hours a day on our bottoms.

It’s a bit of a catch-22. The reason you feel so worn out after sitting all day, and the reason you need to sit after all that sitting, is because chairs create inertia. Sitting begets a desire to sit more, whereas small movements throughout the day – the kind one would make when working at a standing station – have a profound effect on the body, generating energy naturally. Continue Reading…

Tips for Having a Healthy Workplace

healthy workplace

Many people see their workspace as a dull, lifeless, gray place where they spend as little time as possible. And that’s because, for many, that’s exactly what it is! But we spend a huge amount of our life in our workspaces and there’s no reason they can’t reflect our personalities and lifestyles — we need to bring some of the outside in. Adding pictures, colors and objects that remind you of home and your life outside work can brighten your mood. Decluttering, organizing, and accommodating your workspace to fit your life can do wonders for your mental health and mood. These tips can help organize a home desk too and take it from a cluster of junk drawers to an organized and useful communication station for the whole family. These desk hacks can be broken into two categories – those that can help improve your physical health and wellness and those that help make your desk more fun, functional, and efficient. Continue Reading…

Top 10 Tips For A Healthier Burger

healthy burger

Forget the knives and forks: the humble hamburger is in the midst of a renaissance. From Melbourne to Milan, restaurateurs have helped elevate this classic piece of American folklore into an iconic dish. Every day, more and more enthusiasts join the search for the perfect burger, flooding restaurants and gastropubs to gorge on dishes with creative titles: the Heisenburger, the Primetime and the Prohibition.

Our expectations of a burger have evolved. The days of a frozen patty cooked beyond recognition and slapped into a formless bun with a smattering of greenery are beyond us, but the humble burger is still, for the most part, not a healthy meal option. But the hamburger can be improved. We take a look at how to tuck into a burger, guilt-free. Continue Reading…

To App or Not To App: the Problem with Relying on Mobile Fitness Apps

health apps

Apple’s App Store has tens of thousands of health and fitness apps for sale, many of which are also designed to sync up with fitness wearables like Jawbone or the FitBit. There are apps to track diet, apps to track blood pressure, apps to prepare you for a marathon and apps to help you lose weight.

The big question is this: does more data help people lose weight and stay healthy? Overwhelmingly, the answer is no. A study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that most mobile health and fitness apps fall short when it comes to creating lasting change. Even an old-school food journal is more effective 95 percent of the time. Continue Reading…