How to Have a Healthy Easter

healthy easter

It seems like there’s always another reason to celebrate and a special excuse to cheat a little on your healthy eating. And just when the holidays are over, your New Year’s resolution is written in stone and the thought of summer clothing is getting you motivated, here comes Easter! The ham, the potatoes, and don’t forget candy, candy, candy! It’s not so bad to splurge on Easter Sunday but we all know that the bags of candy bought a few weeks ahead to prepare seem to have disappeared by the time the holiday actually rolls around. So, save the splurging on chocolate eggs for one or two on Easter Sunday and try these five alternative Easter treats to save your diet this year. Continue Reading…

The Truth About Cleanses


Lots of rumors and misinformation surround cleanses, but the main idea is rather simple. Cleansing is meant to detoxify the body from the less desirable things that have been put into it, like toxins or unhealthy foods. Cleanses can also be used to kick start a diet or a change in habits.

Some may confuse fasting and cleansing but they are quite different from one another. Fasting is restriction or abstinence from some or all foods and drinks and could be done for variety of different reasons, such as religion. Cleanses focus more on cleaning out the body and refilling it with nutrient-rich items.

It should be noted that cleanses are not a weight-loss solution. This can be confusing because you will probably lose weight on a cleanse, but you should expect to gain it back afterwards because it is water weight being eliminated from the body. This is similar to diets that prohibit a person from eating one thing or one category of things, like carbohydrates. While it does work in that you will lose weight in the short term, once the item is introduced back into the diet, the weight probably will be too.

Saying that, if you’re feeling unhealthy, sluggish or overweight, a cleanse might be just the thing to get your body headed back in the right direction. Here are four easy cleanses to get you on your way. Continue Reading…

The Adrenal Fatigue Diet Demystified


Adrenal Fatigue: The Facts

Adrenal fatigue is a collection of symptoms that result from an underperforming adrenal gland. Of these symptoms, the most prevalent one is fatigue that will not go away, even with extra sleep. As may be expected, adrenal fatigue can be hard to diagnose and pinpoint because the sufferer may not feel like she has a specific illness. Severity can range from a general feeling of being tired and unwell to more extreme cases where the sufferer may hardly be able to get out of bed. The less the adrenal gland performs its proper role, the more the rest of the body is negatively affected. Continue Reading…

The Top Vegan Cities in the United States

Brad Pitt is one. Angelina Jolie used to be, but isn’t now. Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi both are. Mike Tyson is and wishes he’d been one “since birth,” while Bill Clinton became one in 2010 following a health scare.

Veganism, it seems, is on the rise, and not just among celebrities. There are currently somewhere in the region of 7 million vegans living the United States, a figure that has doubled in just three years, according to a recent poll commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group. Read on to find out what the top vegan cities in the US are, you might be surprised! Continue Reading…

Wolverine Is Back and Looking Young As Ever. How Does He Do It?

the wolverine
The Wolverine, part six of the X-Men film series, has just been released in the U.S. and fans are eager to learn what happens in the next installment of this cult classic. Actor Hugh Jackman reprises the role of lead character Wolverine as he continues to battle his inner demons, the downside to immortality, and not forgetting his part in the eternal conflict between the mutant forces of good and evil. Continue Reading…

Benefits of Living a Mediterranean Lifestyle

The Mediterranean


The global economic crisis, massive young worker unemployment rates, instability in the Eurozone, soaring fuel costs, huge national debt, and other social woes… ugh! And that’s just on the European side of the Mediterranean Sea. To the east and south there is political unrest, drought, financial difficulties and more. Why would anyone ever venture over to this part of the world, especially for a holiday?

Because, despite all its modern issues, quibbles, and problems, the Mediterranean is still one of the healthiest, happiest, cleanest, and nicest places to live on Earth, thanks to thousands of years of culture and history being handed down from generation to generation regarding diet and a balanced lifestyle, not to mention exceptional climate and natural beauty. Continue Reading…

Big Love: Unconventional Tips for a Healthy Heart



Your heart is far bigger than you think it is; bigger than a mechanical pump the size of a fist. Your heart is also the veins and the arteries that run through your whole body. It isn’t just in your chest. Your might say that your heart is your body. It’s the most important thing you own.

For all the incredible things the heart does for the body, it asks little in return. It can withstand decades of abuse without so much as a word of complaint. But make no mistake, there is a limit to how much the heart can take. Long-term abuse can reverberate from generation to generation, causing all manner a cardiovascular mishap.

Taking time to show the heart a little love can be a life-changing endeavour. Whole pockets of energy and vitality open up out of nowhere, just by giving the heart the attention is so badly needs. Continue Reading…

Myth Debunked: Do Vegetarians Live Longer?

Vegetable heart

There are many myths and judgments made about vegetarianism. That people don’t get enough protein or other nutrients, and the diet is boring and limited are both common myths about the vegetarian lifestyle that are not necessarily true. The fact is that any diet – vegetarian, vegan, meat-eating – can be healthy or unhealthy. It just depends on the person and the effort put into eating a healthy, well-rounded diet. But one myth seems more worth looking into.

Continue Reading…

Sleep: The Essential Guide to Getting a Great Night’s Rest


Sleep is an integral part of maintaining good health and helping us recharge our batteries. It increases alertness, and keeps us happier and more energized. But when insomnia strikes, what’s the best way to combat it and make sure to get a good night’s shut-eye?

Along with access to food, water and oxygen, sleep is one of the most fundamental human needs. Studies have found that sleep deprivation can have a variety of adverse physical and cognitive effects. Degradation of fine motor skills and reaction times, impaired judgement, reduced short term memory and inattention are but a few of the negative consequences when the human body is denied sleep for extended periods of time.

Whilst the exact reasons as to why we sleep are contentious, few would disagree that they feel better after a good night’s rest. There are many important benefits to being well rested; in fact, many of the human body’s restorative functions such as protein synthesis, tissue repair, muscle growth and growth hormone release occur primarily – and in many cases exclusively – during sleep.

Many people experience the occasional bout of sleeplessness, but by following a few simple suggestions, it’s easy to get a great night’s sleep and wake up invigorated and ready to take on the challenges of a new day. Continue Reading…

Health Hacks: 5 Simple Tricks for Vibrant Health

It’s understandable that people consistently defer taking care of their health to another day. It will take great willpower! I will have to exercise a lot! But I already work so hard. I need my snacks and my time on the couch. I’ll get healthy next month when work calms down a little.

With these easy shortcuts to better health, there’s no reason to put it off any longer. Good health doesn’t have to hurt. It doesn’t have to be hard. It should raise your spirits, fill you with energy, light your fire!

Forget deprivation and suffering. It’s unsustainable anyway (not to mention bound to fail). Start with small changes that have a big impact. Continue Reading…