A Guide to Backpacking in Indonesia – Part 2

In Part 1, which is available for viewing here, we looked at Indonesia’s most popular backpacking locations which provide visitors with a feel and impression for the entire country. In Part 2, we delve a little deeper and turn our attention to the country’s transport infrastructure and how best to move around, Indonesian cuisine and its most popular dishes, society and culture, and the accommodation options available to those backpacking and moving through the islands. Continue Reading…

Superman Can: Unleash Your Superpowers by Traveling Abroad

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What makes Superman so super? Is it his extraordinary strength, his X-ray vision, or perhaps his ability to soar through the sky? No. It’s the fact that he left his home planet and came to a place that made him strong – and as a traveler, you can do the same.

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India on a Shoestring – Part 2

india train

Part One of this India on a shoestring blog covered the country’s most popular backpacking destinations, so in Part Two we focus on how to travel between these destinations, the variety of accommodation options available, and practical information on social customs and traditions worth knowing while in India. Continue Reading…

Mexico on a Shoestring

Pacific Prime Health Insurance - Mexico Travel Guide

Mexico on a shoestring

Jungles, beaches, ancient architecture, wonderful cuisine and a vibrant nightlife all await visitors to Mexico; and it continues to be a popular destination for young travelers and backpackers in particular. A trip to Mexico can fit easily into many people’s travel plans, so here we list the best and least expensive ways to enjoy a visit to this amazing country.

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