How to Travel on a Budget in Paris, New York and London

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Paris is a fun place to spend money. But it’s no less interesting on a budget. It might be exciting to shop your face off on the Champs-Elysées, but you’ll have a much more interesting time cruising up and down the car-free, cobblestone streets of le Marais.

Of course, the same can be said of New York City and London. Many of the world’s greatest cities are best explored on foot, coffee and camera in hand (or possibly tucked into a fanny pack). In Paris you can stem your appetite for most of the day with espresso and croissants. In London you can cool it with a pint. And in New York it’s trendy to go hungry anyway. Continue Reading…

Backpacking America Part 6 – New Mexico, Arizona and the Big Decision…


After a couple of months on hiatus (due to a few weeks on vacation in Spain and trying to keep up with other work obligations) there is finally some free time to give attention to the next two stops on this epic backpacking/road tripping adventure across America.

Picking up where we left off in Part 5 at the New Mexico state line on State Highway 285, it’s time to taste the Southwest. Things are about to get a lot hotter, both in terms of food and weather. Continue Reading…

A Guide to Backpacking in Indonesia – Part 2

In Part 1, which is available for viewing here, we looked at Indonesia’s most popular backpacking locations which provide visitors with a feel and impression for the entire country. In Part 2, we delve a little deeper and turn our attention to the country’s transport infrastructure and how best to move around, Indonesian cuisine and its most popular dishes, society and culture, and the accommodation options available to those backpacking and moving through the islands. Continue Reading…

What You Need to Know About Traveling the Philippines

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The Philippines is an archipelago made up of more than 7,000 individual islands located on the eastern edge of Asia. With over 100 million citizens, the Philippines is the 12th most populated country in the world, offering visitors a wide variety of ethnicities, cultures, and different people to meet. The country itself is very diverse as well, with the fifth longest coastline in the world. Island in the Philippines are covered with mountains, volcanoes, tropical rainforests and beaches that tourists and locals alike are known to enjoy. More than just natural beauty, the Philippines is also home to big and bustling cities, like its capital city, Manila. The Philippines offers a variety of outdoor activities, historical sites, and endless island hopping. Continue Reading…

Vietnam on a Shoestring – A Budget Traveler’s Guide

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Although for many Westerners Vietnam still conjures memories of a decade long conflict that decimated the land and its people, it is a country rich in culture and full of natural beauty. With a favorable exchange rate, cheap cost of living and a wealth of opportunities for adventure, we take a look at some of the best places to see when traveling to Vietnam on a shoestring budget.

A country of wild extremes and natural beauty, Vietnam is home to miles of unspoiled beaches along the coast, stunning hills and valleys in the north and the majestic Mekong Delta and Halong Bay. With a huge range of activities and sights to see, Vietnam is a budget traveler’s ideal destination. Visitors can conceivably experience Vietnam for around $25 USD per day whilst living quite comfortably. So what are you waiting for? Read on and start packing your suitcase in preparation for your Southeast Asian adventure. Continue Reading…

India on a Shoestring – Part 2

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Part One of this India on a shoestring blog covered the country’s most popular backpacking destinations, so in Part Two we focus on how to travel between these destinations, the variety of accommodation options available, and practical information on social customs and traditions worth knowing while in India. Continue Reading…

Backpacking India – Part 1


With countless attractions, not to mention cheap food, transport and accommodation, India is a dream location for many backpackers. With so much to see and do in this amazing country, we will split this blog into two parts; with part one focusing on must-see and highly recommended places to visit for any backpacking journey. Continue Reading…

Cape Town on a Budget

With an excellent exchange rate against the Dollar, Euro and Pound, and English as a national and common language, South Africa is the obvious choice for travelers wanting to experience Africa’s big game, breathtaking scenery, and unique culture and mixed history. Cape Town and its surroundings embody these and other fantastic aspects of the country in a manageable geographic area.

Continue Reading…

Mexico on a Shoestring

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Mexico on a shoestring

Jungles, beaches, ancient architecture, wonderful cuisine and a vibrant nightlife all await visitors to Mexico; and it continues to be a popular destination for young travelers and backpackers in particular. A trip to Mexico can fit easily into many people’s travel plans, so here we list the best and least expensive ways to enjoy a visit to this amazing country.

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Vietnam Travel Guide- A Perfect Budget Vacation Destination

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Sandy beaches, incredible food, a variety of climates and terrain, ancient temples and architecture, French-colonial influence, smiling people, and convenient transportation: it’s what makes Vietnam special. Vietnam is an excellent location to experience the bustling Southeast Asian lifestyle, do some sightseeing, or simply relax. Best of all, very affordable prices make this country a budget traveler’s dream destination. Take a look at our Vietnam travel guide.

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