Backpacking America Part 7 – New Mexico’s Aliens and the Long Ride Across Texas

If you are reading this, then congratulations are in order because, in the virtual world at least, you have committed to covering several thousand more miles of America’s roadways over the next few weeks. So tip your cowboy hat to your partner and get ready to make for the Deep South and eventually the East Coast. America is about to get a lot greener and a lot more diverse. Continue Reading…

Backpacking America Part 6 – New Mexico, Arizona and the Big Decision…


After a couple of months on hiatus (due to a few weeks on vacation in Spain and trying to keep up with other work obligations) there is finally some free time to give attention to the next two stops on this epic backpacking/road tripping adventure across America.

Picking up where we left off in Part 5 at the New Mexico state line on State Highway 285, it’s time to taste the Southwest. Things are about to get a lot hotter, both in terms of food and weather. Continue Reading…

Backpacking America Part 5 – Wyoming, the Badlands of the Dakotas and Colorado


Leaving Montana headed south, and cruising through the rest of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming is the next point of interest for both its natural and man-made attractions. People are still not plentiful, but Wyoming has plenty of beautiful scenery to make for its lack of population. And for those starting to suffer from civilization withdrawal, Colorado is coming soon. Continue Reading…

Backpacking America – Part 4, Washington State to the Badlands (Almost)

Washington State

Washington State

For anyone who has been following this blog so far, you already know that it has covered most of the West Coast, and will soon turn eastward.

But, before heading inland, there is still Washington State to conquer. Then, we will be arriving in that vast expanse known as Montana. We will get to the American Badlands, just not quite yet in this installment. (Sorry, space issues). Continue Reading…

Backpacking America – Part 3, The West Coast

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The West Coast

A Guide to Backpacking the American West

The West Coast is a logical place to kick off an epic American adventure for a few reasons. Firstly, most backpackers or overseas road trippers will arrive at an international airport, and Los Angeles has a very big one. Secondly, many people coming to the Lower 48 for a road trip may want to buy a decent used car for the journey, and there are loads of cheap used cars to choose from in Southern California. Continue Reading…

Backpacking America – Part 1, An Introduction and Transportation

Pacific Prime Backpack America

Backpack America

The aim of this blog is to provide some insight into traveling around in the United States to take in some if its best sights, food, and culture (yes, America does have some culture). Subsequent entries will be more location specific, but to begin, here is some useful first hand information on how to cover as much ground as possible on the money available while being budget-conscious, but still having a good time. Continue Reading…