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Superman Can: Unleash Your Superpowers by Traveling Abroad

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What makes Superman so super? Is it his extraordinary strength, his X-ray vision, or perhaps his ability to soar through the sky? No. It’s the fact that he left his home planet and came to a place that made him strong – and as a traveler, you can do the same.

On the planet Krypton, Superman was not so super at all – his powers were only unleashed upon arriving to Earth. Once basking in the yellow rays of our sun, Superman found himself able to fly, see through walls, and lift objects of inordinate weight. But on Krypton? Superman would have been just like the rest of us; his innate powers foiled by the red sun above his home planet.

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Like Superman, you too have extra-human abilities that will only be unleashed after packing a suitcase and setting out for sites unknown. Read on to find out what bad habits developed at home can become traveling superpowers while adventuring abroad.

BAD HABIT: Sleeping ‘till noon

TRAVEL SUPERPOWER: Getting the best of foreign nightlife

To truly understand a foreign city, you’ve got to experience every aspect of its lifestyle – be it noodles for breakfast, bargaining for groceries, or shaking your posterior ‘til the sun comes up. Although sleeping in isn’t great for maintaining steady employment, the impetus to stay up late is an excellent superpower to have while traveling. In Latin American countries and Spain, the nightlife doesn’t kick off until midnight so falling asleep early would mean missing out on the cultural experience of tango dancing ‘til dawn. As your sleep schedule superpower is released, you’ll find yourself befriending locals, having a blast, and seeing a new side of a foreign city – the side that favors going to bed late.

BAD HABIT: Indulging in junk food

TRAVEL SUPERPOWER: Sampling new cuisine

It’s hard to stay away from chocolate bars and potato chips, but when traveling, that desire to dip into junk food disappears – there are just too many new dishes to sample. When abroad, former couch potatoes transform into astute and thoughtful foodies: seeking out the sweet, the savory and the unusual in whatever nation they’re currently traversing. Loving food is a great superpower – it means being adventurous, interacting with locals, and learning key facts about cultures worldwide. A visit to Istanbul is incomplete without a kebab; you haven’t truly been to China if you’ve not eaten a single dumpling; and savoring a traditional chocolate torte in Vienna is simply a must. Your foodie superpower offers insight and delight, so love it as such.

BAD HABIT: Addicted to the Internet

TRAVEL SUPERPOWER: Being an informed adventurer

There’s lots to keep you entertained online, but once you’ve found yourself on an adventure abroad, the yearning to look at cute puppy pictures on BuzzFeed usually fades. Instead, your prowess with the computer will prove something of a superpower – you’ll know where to find hostel reviews, what sites are best for booking tours in advance, and even how to use social media to connect with friends new and old in foreign countries. With experience online, you’ll be sure to avoid credit card scams when reserving accommodation, and finding free maps and other useful travel information will be no problem at all. From Internet addict to travel guru, let the world wide web be your world-wide superpower.

BAD HABIT: Talking too much

TRAVEL SUPERPOWER: Meeting locals and learning their tongue

For some of us, awkward pauses are not a problem: there’s always something else to say! Although this chatty attitude can wear on friends and family, foreigners without much access to native English speakers will love it. While abroad, talk with everyone – the taxi driver, the fresh fruit vendor, the man trying to sell you a souvenir key chain. In small towns especially, you’ll find friendly local people excited to practice their English, and as interested as you are in meeting someone from another country. The superpower of speech has an added benefit in that you might find it easier to learn the local language – desperate to share your thoughts, you’ll do anything just to be able to talk some more. Take advantage of this gift of gab, and you’ll soon be picking up conversational phrases in every place you go.

BAD HABIT: Poor table manners

TRAVEL SUPERPOWER: Adjusting well to new customs

If you’re not picky about elbows on the table or eating soup with one particular spoon, you’ll find it loads easier to become accustomed to new habits abroad. With the superpower of an easygoing attitude toward manner and formality, your travels will feel a lot more fun, and you’ll quickly get over the fear of being faced with odd local customs. Slurping soup in Japan? Why not! Burping after a meal in China? Sounds like a plan! With such a lackadaisical view on what constitutes proper etiquette, you’ll be more likely to enjoy a Spanish tapas bar (trash can be swept to the floor), and will have no problem eating with your hands in countries like India and Ethiopia. With a superpower that protects against squeamishness, you’ll get much more joy out of adventures to places unknown.

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