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Schengen Visa Travel Insurance For Thai Travelers Going To Europe

Thailand residents and citizens who are going to travel to Europe are required to get a Schengen visa. One of the requirements for this visa is to acquire travel insurance that has coverage across all of the Schengen countries for the full duration of your trip.

It is popular to travel to Europe and to visit several countries in the Schengen Area while you’re there. To help alleviate the financial burden of foreign medical costs in Europe, the countries within the Schengen Area require anyone who applies for a Schengen visa to get travel medical insurance.

If you’ve never heard of these travel insurance requirements before, Pacific Prime has created this article for that very reason! We are insurance experts who help travelers acquire travel insurance and health insurance for all types of travel around the globe.

In this article, we’ll explain what the travel insurance requirements are for Thai travelers who want to enter Europe but first need to acquire a Schengen visa. We’ll also introduce you to four of the best travel insurance providers who offer plans that meet the Schengen rules.

We also have sections that explain more of the basics about Schengen visas and the Schengen Area if you’re unfamiliar with these terms.

After you’ve read this article, you’ll want to read our guide to finding the Best Travel Insurance in Thailand. It is our core article about our series dedicated to all things travel insurance and Thailand, and it will direct you to all our articles on the topic.

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Travel Insurance Requirements For The Schengen Visa

Thai passport holders who want to travel in Europe must show proof of sufficient travel insurance to qualify for a Schengen visa. Proof of this insurance comes from obtaining a travel health insurance certificate that is valid in the entire Schengen Area for the full duration of the trip.

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The travel insurance requirements for the Schengen visa for Thai citizens/residents are:

  • Medical insurance with a minimum coverage of about USD $32,100 (THB ฿1,127,800)
  • Medical coverage in all of the Schengen Area countries
  • Medical coverage for all emergency medical treatments, evacuation for medical reasons, and repatriation from Europe back to Thailand

Some Schengen visa insurance plans cover COVID-19 related expenses, though you will want to ask your provider to verify.

Check out these tips to get cheap travel insurance before you purchase a plan.

Top Travel Insurance Providers For The Schengen Visa

Thailand citizens and residents should consider these top providers to secure travel insurance that meets the requirements for the Schengen visa: April International, VUMI, IMG, and Geoblue. Each has a variety of plans and levels of coverage you can customize.

Pacific Prime partners with each of these top travel insurance providers and is available to answer your questions as you compare their similarities, differences, and price ranges. As a third-party broker, we can offer you unbiased advice about each company so you can make an informed decision about which policy and provider is right for your needs.

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After you’ve learned more about each below, send us a quick message, and we’ll promptly respond with an answer.

April International

April International’s Schengen Visa Insurance plan makes it easy for Thai travelers to get travel insurance coverage that meets the needs of the Schengen visa. Over 1,000 people a month choose to buy April’s Schengen Insurance.

This plan’s benefits are:

  • Repatriation assistance
  • Medical expenses up to about USD $32,100 (THB ฿1,127,800)
  • Death assistance
  • Contract change up to 3 times in case of a visa refusal
  • Coverage valid in all countries of the Schengen Area
  • An Insurance Certificate showing proof of Schengen travel insurance
  • No upfront payments in case of hospitalization of over 24 hours

Get a free quote for the Schengen Insurance here. Click “buy online now,” and you can get a quote without needing to purchase anything.

VUMI VIP Travel Insurance For Schengen Visa

VUMI offers travelers from Thailand the Travel VIP plan that exceeds the needs of the Schengen visa. It provides comprehensive worldwide travel insurance that includes all of the countries in the Schengen Area.

VUMI’s Travel VIP plan includes the following benefits:

  • Worldwide medical coverage
  • Maximum health coverage up to about USD $5,000,000 for individuals up to the age of 70
  • Emergency medical treatments and assistance for sickness and injury
  • Emergency transportation
  • Repatriation back to Thailand

This plan also includes many more benefits that will grant you peace of mind in Europe. Go here to get a free quote for this plan or any of VUMI’s other travel insurance plans. Click “buy online now,” and you can get a quote without needing to purchase anything. 

IMG Travel Insurance For Schengen Visa

IMG, or International Medical Group, has several plans that meet the travel insurance requirements of the Schengen visa. Thai passport holders may consider the 1TravelInsured Travel SE plan, iTravelInsured Travel Lite plan, Patriot International Platinum plan, or others.

The most popular plan for domestic and international tourism is iTravelInsured Travel SE. The general benefits of this plan are:

  • Worldwide medical coverage, including all Schengen Area countries
  • Medical coverage for accident and sickness up to about USD $250,000
  • Medical evacuation
  • Medical repatriation to Thailand

Go here to see the full benefits available to you and to get a free quote for an IMG plan. Click “buy online now,” and you can get a quote without needing to purchase anything. 

Geoblue Travel Insurance For Schengen Visa

Geoblue has three general travel insurance plans that can help Thai travelers meet the Schengen visa requirements. The plans are Voyager Choice for single trips, Trekker Choice for multiple trips a year, and the Xplorer Premier for long-term expatriates.

Each plan includes these basic coverages that meet the Schengen visa requirements:

  • International coverage, including all Schengen Area countries
  • The choice to get coverage up to USD $50,000, $100,000, $500,000, or $1,000,000
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Emergency medical treatment

Each plan also has a wide range of many more benefits that accompany these basic needs. To see all of the full benefits available to Thailand travelers from Geoblue, and to get a free quote, use this link to Geoblue quotes.

Click “buy online now,” and you can see the plan without purchasing anything. 

What Is A Schengen Visa?

A Schengen visa allows an individual to enter the Schengen Area. The Schengen Area is a visa-free zone in Europe that allows people to travel between their borders freely and without restriction. This area includes hundreds of airports and maritime ports, many land crossings, and 27 countries.

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The 27 countries in the Schengen Area are:

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Croatia
  5. Denmark
  6. Estonia
  7. Finland
  8. France
  9. Germany
  10. Greece
  11. Hungary
  12. Iceland
  13. Italy
  14. Latvia
  15. Liechtenstein
  16. Lithuania
  17. Luxembourg
  18. Malta
  19. Netherlands
  20. Norway
  21. Poland
  22. Portugal
  23. Slovakia
  24. Slovenia
  25. Spain
  26. Sweden
  27. Switzerland

Travelers from Thailand who have a Thai passport are required to get a Schengen visa if they want to travel to any country in the Schengen Area.

Here is a list of all of the countries whose citizens are required to get a Schengen visa to enter any of the above countries listed as part of the Schengen Area:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Algeria
  3. Angola
  4. Armenia
  5. Azerbaijan
  6. Bahrain
  7. Bangladesh
  8. Belarus
  9. Belize
  10. Benin
  11. Bhutan
  12. Bolivia
  13. Botswana
  14. Burkina Faso
  15. Burundi
  16. Cabo Verde
  17. Cambodia
  18. Cameroon
  19. Central African Republic
  20. Chad
  21. China
  22. Comoros
  23. Cote D’ivoire
  24. Cuba
  25. Dem. Rep. Of Congo
  26. Djibouti
  27. Dominican Republic
  28. Ecuador
  29. Egypt
  30. Equatorial Guinea
  31. Eritrea
  32. Eswatini
  33. Ethiopia
  34. Fiji
  35. Gabon
  36. Gambia
  37. Ghana
  38. Guinea-Bissau
  39. Guyana
  40. Haiti
  41. India
  42. Indonesia
  43. Iran
  44. Iraq
  45. Jamaica
  46. Jordan
  47. Kazakhstan
  48. Kenya
  49. Kosovo
  50. Kuwait
  51. Kyrgyzstan
  52. Laos
  53. Lebanon
  54. Lesotho
  55. Liberia
  56. Libya
  57. Madagascar
  58. Malawi
  59. Maldives
  60. Mali
  61. Mauritania
  62. Mongolia
  63. Morocco
  64. Mozambique
  65. Myanmar
  66. Namibia
  67. Nepal
  68. Niger
  69. Nigeria
  70. North Korea
  71. Northern Mariana Islands
  72. Oman
  73. Pakistan
  74. Palestine
  75. Papua New Guinea
  76. Philippines
  77. Qatar
  78. Republic of the Congo
  79. Russia
  80. Rwanda
  81. Saudi Arabia
  82. Senegal
  83. Sierra Leone
  84. Somalia
  85. South Africa
  86. South Sudan
  87. Sri Lanka
  88. Sudan
  89. Suriname
  90. Syria
  91. São Tomé and Príncipe
  92. Tajikistan
  93. Tanzania
  94. Thailand
  95. Togo
  96. Tonga
  97. Tunisia
  98. Turkmenistan
  99. Türkiye
  100. Uganda
  101. Uzbekistan
  102. Vanuatu
  103. Vietnam
  104. Yemen
  105. Zambia
  106. Zimbabwe

Thai Residents that Don’t Need a Schengen Visa to Enter Europe

Residents of Thailand do not need a Schengen visa to enter the Schengen Area if they are:

Travel insurance is only required for travelers in Europe who are applying for a Schengen visa, but it is still advisable for everyone to purchase travel insurance to cover their trip expenses and unforeseeable medical costs.

Santorini Sunset In Oia: Schengen Visa Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a Schengen visa without buying travel insurance?

You cannot get a Schengen visa without buying sufficient travel insurance. The Schengen visa requires all applicants to have travel insurance for the full duration of their trip across every country in the Schengen Area. If you are traveling to Europe from Thailand, you must buy insurance.


Thai nationals who want to travel in Europe are required to get a Schengen visa, and in order to qualify, you are required to get sufficient travel insurance.

This travel insurance must cover you across the entire Schengen Area for the full duration of your trip. It must also provide necessary emergency medical coverage, repatriation coverage back to Thailand, and evacuation coverage. Your policy must have a minimum amount of about USD $32,100 (THB ฿1,127,800).

If you’re ready to purchase travel insurance now, you can go to this page with our best travel insurance providers. You can also get free quotes on the same page.

After covering over 1 million lives, Pacific Prime is experienced in helping travelers explore Europe safely with travel and health insurance. Getting the answers you seek is just a quick message away, and then we will respond promptly with well-seasoned advice.

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