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Pacific Prime Quiz: How well do you know international health insurance?

Health insurance is important and it is a serious matter. However, here at Pacific Prime, we want to show our fun side and challenge you all by designing – a not so easy – online quiz testing your knowledge about international health insurance! Click the banner below and answer 10 questions to find out if you’re as knowledgeable about International Private Medical Insurance as you think you are! 

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Simplifying insurance for 20 years 

As an insurance brokerage company, educating and explaining how health insurance works to our clients is an important part of our work. Ever noticed our motto “Simplifying insurance”? We use it for a purpose. We take pride in the fact that, after consultation with our advisors, our clients know what they’re paying for, how they can use their plan’s benefits, as well as how they should act and who to contact in case of an emergency. 

While the quiz is (we hope!) a fun way to test your international health insurance knowledge, we don’t want to leave things to chance, especially when it comes to our client’s health, or other important life decisions, like moving countries or deciding to have a baby abroad. We’d like to use this time to share some of our recent work aimed at simplifying – and not only insurance – but the wider expat life areas. Let’s start: 

The complete guide to moving abroad as an expat 

We have created the complete guide to moving abroad as an expat as a response to many of our client’s queries and questions that our insurance advisors received over the years, besides the ones regarding expat health insurance plans. 

This guide talks about the common aspects associated with moving countries, in particular: 

  • Travel arrangement 
  • Living and cost of living
  • Finances 
  • Work 
  • Healthcare and Health Insurance 

For more information, especially about healthcare systems in other countries, our readers can visit our “Countries” sections, where you can read about literally every country’s healthcare system, travel advice and other useful information. For example, check our USA Health Insurance page, Spain Health Insurance page and, for some more exotic reading – Samoa Health Insurance page.   

Health insurance exclusions 

Another extremely important topic when it comes to international health insurance is insurance exclusions. Rather than writing about it in lengths, we encourage you to see a visual infographic about the 8 most common health insurance exclusions, which in short, are:

  1. Pre-existing conditions
  2. Behavioural and personality disorders
  3. Fertility treatments
  4. Sleep disorders
  5. Specific scenarios
  6. Cosmetic surgery
  7. Obesity
  8. Acquisition of an organ

Luckily, when it comes to coverage for pre-existing conditions – which are any medical conditions you have been treated for before you enrol on a new health plan – there is some room for extending the insurance coverage. Read here why it is important. 

Also, the above health insurance exclusions are not the same as certain plan add-ons, such as dental coverage, vision coverage, or one of the most misunderstood yet important coverage – maternity insurance

A word about maternity insurance 

Maternity insurance is additional coverage on top of the individual health insurance plan. In our 20 plus years of experience, our insurance advisors have seen many expatriates being surprised when they heard that they need to secure additional insurance if they want the medical costs covered for having a baby abroad. For example, in some European countries, maternity services are free, even for foreigners. On top of that, expat couples need to secure such maternity coverage at least 10 months before even getting pregnant (usually the so-called waiting period is even longer). 

There is more to know about securing expat maternity insurance and being pregnant abroad. Click here, or on the banner below, to download our latest guide about international maternity insurance, which talks about insurance options, costs and benefits to cover you and the baby in any case. 

Pacific Prime Insurance Quiz

Did you take the Pacific Prime Quiz yet? It takes only a few minutes to fill and the result might surprise you. As an expat, you should be especially cautious and knowledgeable about your health and health insurance options – including benefits, policy limits, whether your plan allows you to access only public or also private healthcare. On top of that, it is crucial to know emergency numbers, and whether your plan will cover the costs associated with your medical evacuation or medical expatriation in case you suddenly require long-term care that your expat care can’t cover.

These are perhaps not the happiest or exciting issues to think of while enjoying your expat life, but nevertheless, some of the most important ones. Please also know that if you need any explanation, advice or have just a simple question, Pacific Prime is here for you, and our advisors speak in more than 35 languages. Contact us anytime! 

Content Creator at Pacific Prime
Elwira Skrybus is a content writer at Pacific Prime. In her everyday work, she is utilizing her previous social media and branding experience to create informative articles, guides, and reports to help our readers simplify the sometimes-puzzling world of international health insurance.

When she isn’t writing, you are most likely to find Elwira in search of the perfect plant-based burger or enjoying Hong Kong’s great outdoors either at the beach or from the boat - the closer to the sea, the better!