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Guide to Area Codes in the Philippines for Expats

The telecommunications system is unique since every region, city, and locality has its own designated area code. If you need to communicate with individuals outside of your area, like in Cebu, it is crucial to include their specific area code before dialling their phone number.

For instance, if your friend’s number is 987-6543, and they live or work in Cebu, which has an area code is 32, you would dial 32-987-6543. This rule applies to all other regions and areas across the Philippines.

Conversely, when contacting someone in the Philippines from a foreign country, you must first enter the country code, 63, followed by the area code of their location.

In this Pacific Prime article, we will delve into the diverse area codes allocated to each region, city, and locality in the Philippines.

Regions and Their Telephone Area Codes in the Philippines

The Philippines currently has 17 regions, each with its own unique qualities. The areas are then subdivided further into provinces, cities, municipalities, and barangays, which are the smallest administrative divisions.

National Capital Region

Manila Philippines skyline night

The National Capital Region (NCR), known as Metro Manila, is the heart and soul of the Philippines, especially for those who enjoy city living. It showcases a beautiful blend of cultures, cuisines, and traditions, reflecting its incredibly diverse population.

Let’s not overlook shopping, as the NCR is a haven for avid shoppers, offering an abundance of luxury malls and lively open-air markets where a wide range of products can be found.

And if you’re more of a food enthusiast than a shopper, NCR has many excellent options, boasting a fusion of flavors from various backgrounds, including Malay, American, Chinese, and Spanish influences.

National Capital Region Area Code
Caloocan City 02
Las Piñas City 02
Makati City 02
Malabon City 02
Mandaluyong City 02
Manila City 02
Marikina City 02
Muntinlupa City 02
Navotas City 02
Parañaque City 02
Pasay City 02
Pasig City 02
Quezon City 02
San Juan City 02
Taguig City 02
Valenzuela City 02
Caloocan City 02

Region 1

Philippines Vigan street architecture

Ilocos is a province located along the northwestern shoreline of the island of Luzon in the Philippines. It’s known for its historical landmarks, stunning beaches, and the beautifully preserved Spanish colonial city of Vigan. The Mestizo district of Vigan, dating back to the 16th century, exudes a distinct atmosphere with its cobblestone streets and vintage buildings, creating a sense of being frozen in time.

Region 1 Area Code
Ilocos Norte 77
Ilocos Sur 77
La Union 72
Pangasinan 75

Region 2

Philippines Mountain Sea and Coastline

The Cagayan Valley, often referred to as Region 2, is surrounded by mountains on the northeastern part of mainland Luzon. While the mountains are certainly captivating, the region also boasts the Cagayan River, the Philippines’ longest and largest river.

What sets the Cagayan Valley apart is its striking natural environment with its rich soil, expansive coastlines, renowned rivers and lakes, and vast forest, grasslands, and mountain areas. When weather conditions become challenging during the monsoon season, the Sierra Madre mountain range acts as a natural barrier that shields the region from the wind.

Region 2 Area Code
Batanes 78
Cagayan 78
Isabela 78
Nueva Vizcaya 78

Region 3

Philippines Spanish style agricultural

Region 3 is situated north of Manila, encompassing the neighboring province of Pangasinan. The region’s agricultural plains constitute nearly half of its total area. Throughout history, Region 3 has been influenced by various countries, resulting in a rich blend of history and culture.

Region 3 Area Code
Aurora 42
Bataan 47
Bulacan 44
Nueva Ecija 44
Pampanga 45
Tarlac 45
Zambales 47

Region 4

Philippines sea sunset beach

Region 4 is divided into two zones, namely Calabarzon and Mimaropa. The region was formerly known as Southern Tagalog before its reclassification in 2002. Located in the southern part of Luzon Island, it boasts beautiful environments and landscapes.

Region IV- A (Calabarzon) Area Code
Batangas 43
Cavite Province 46 (2 for Bacoor, Cavite)
Laguna 49 (2 for San Pedro, Laguna)
Quezon Province 42
Rizal Province 2
Region 4-B (Mimaropa) Area Code
Marinduque 42
Mindoro Occidental 43
Mindoro Oriental 43
Palawan 48
Romblon Province 54

Region 5

Philippines Mountain

Often referred to as the Bicol Region, it’s located in the southeastern part of the Philippine island of Luzon. It stands out with its vibrant culture and breathtaking natural surroundings, including the renowned Mayon Volcano, beaches, waterfalls, and hot springs.

Region 5 Area Code
Albay 52
Camarines Norte 54
Camarines Sur 54
Catanduanes 52
Masbate 56
Sorsogon Province 56

Region 6

Philippines Western Visayas architecture

Region 6, commonly referred to as Western Visayas, is famous for its vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and delicious food. With its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking natural beauty, and friendly locals, Western Visayas is an ideal location for expats looking for adventure.

Popular tourist destinations in the region include Boracay Island, historic buildings in Iloilo City, cathedrals in Guimaras, and the rice terraces in Antique.

Region 6 Area Code
Aklan 36
Antique 36
Capiz 36
Guimaras 33
Iloilo 33
Negros Occidental 34

Region 7

Philippines Central Visayas bridge

Central Visayas is located in the heart of the Philippines, offering unforgettable views of the coastline and sea. The region hosts many festivities throughout the year, including the Buglasan Festival in Negros Oriental, the Sandugo Festival in Bohol, the Sinulog Festival in Cebu, and others.

These cultural events form an integral part of the region’s charm, attracting both tourists and expats to experience them firsthand.

Region 7 Area Code
Bohol 38
Cebu 32
Negros Oriental 35
Siquijor 35

Region 8

Philippines San Juanico Bridge

Located in the eastern section of the Philippines, Eastern Visayas comprises six provinces. A notable landmark in Region 8 is the San Juanico Bridge, which connects Leyte and Samarand and is one of the longest and most visually stunning bridges in Southeast Asia.

The region also holds significant historical locations, such as Limasawa Island, the world’s longest-ever naval conflict, the World War II Battle of the Leyte Gulf, and the renowned Mac Arthur landing in Palo, Leyte.

Region 8 Area Code
Biliran Sub 53
Eastern Samar 55
Leyte 53
Northern Samar 55
Ormoc City 53
Samar 55
Southern Leyte 53
Tacloban 53

Region 9

Philippines Beach Sunset

The southern region of the Philippines comprises three provinces, with Zamboanga City serving as its main hub. Zamboanga City is famous for its unique pink sand beaches, which will surely captivate visitors who have yet to witness sand of that color.

The city also boasts well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture, adding to its overall character and charm. Expats who love nature will find this region in the Philippines particularly enticing, thanks to Pulacan Falls and Mount Malindang.

Region 9 Area Code
Zamboanga Del Norte 65
Zamboanga Del Sur 62
Zamboanga Sibugay 62

Region 10

Philippines river mountain

Northern Mindanao is a diverse region with plenty of resources. Expats who choose to settle here can look forward to a high level of quality of life. Aside from Manila, Region 10 includes international ports and infrastructure that serve not only the region but the entire island of Mindanao.

Region 10 Area Code
Bukidnon 88
Camiguin 88
Lanao Del Norte 63
Misamis Occidental 88
Misamis Oriental 88

Region 11

Philippines mountain sea beautiful view

Region 11 has enhanced its infrastructure and telecommunication capacity, solidifying its position as the gateway to the East ASEAN Growth Area, the transhipment hub of Mindanao, a preferred convention destination in the region, and a thriving ICT hub in the Philippines.

Region 11 Area Code
Compostela Valley 84
Davao Del Norte 84
Davao Del Sur 82
Davao Occidental 82
Davao Oriental 87

Region 12

Philippines Central Mindanao mountain

Region 12, also referred to as Central Mindanao is located in South Central Mindanao. This region boasts numerous coastlines, valleys, and mountains. Additionally, it shares a maritime border with the Indonesian provinces of Gorontalo and North Sulawesi.

Region 12


Area Code
Cotabato 64
Sarangani 83
Southern Cotabato 83
Sultan Kudarat 64
Region 12 – Caraga Area Code
Agusan Del Norte 85
Agusan Del Sur 85
Dinagat Islands 86
Surigao Del Norte 86
Surigao Del Sur 86

Cordillera Administrative

Philippines rice fields

Located in the northern region of the Philippines, the Cordillera Administrative Region got its name from the Cordillera Central mountain range, which is the largest in the country and spans most of the area. This region has its own government, which oversees its economic development and tourism.

One of the region’s most significant attractions is the Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along with iconic terraces, trekking and mountain climbing are popular activities in this region, with attractions like Mount Pulag and Sumaguing Cave drawing adventure seekers from around the world.

Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) Area Code
Abra 74
Apayao 78
Benguet 74
Ifugao 74
Kalinga 74
Mountain Province 74

Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

The Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao is a newly established region located in the southern part of the Philippines. It was created by the government and promoted peace and development.

With its own government and parliament, the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region has greater autonomy and authority to manage its own problems and conflicts.

Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) Area Code
Basilan 62
Lanao Del Sur 64
Maguindanao 64
Sulu 85
Tawi-Tawi 68


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the telephone area codes in the Philippines?

The international country code for the Philippines is 63. Area codes from 03X to 09X have been set at seven digits, with area codes fixed at one, two, or three digits. Telephone numbers for area code 02 are fixed at eight digits.

What is the proper way to write a Philippines area code?

For international callers, telephone numbers in the Philippines are +63 (XXX) YYY ZZZZ. The country code (+63) is dropped for domestic calls, and a trunk prefix (0) is used instead. Both the 0 and the area codes are dropped for local calls.

Can two different cities have the same area code in the Philippines?

Yes, it’s possible for multiple cities in close proximity to share the same area code. This happens because certain area codes are assigned to a broader geographic area rather than being limited to a single city.

How many area codes are there in the Philippines?

There are 82 area codes in the Philippines. Over the years, many additional codes have been added, while others have undergone changes or been eliminated altogether.

What area code is 02 in the Philippines?

Except for Metro Manila, the province of Rizal, and the cities of Bacoor in Cavite and San Pedro in Laguna, which use the area code 2, Philippine area codes for fixed-line or landline telephones have been set at two digits.

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