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Pacific Prime Global Conference and Annual Gathering 2024

From January 24 to 26, Pacific Prime’s top executives – Founder Mr. Neil Raymond, Co-founder and CEO of Pacific Prime Insurance Intermediary (Shanghai) Ltd. Ms. Vittoria Depino, and Deputy Global CEO Mr. Pierre de Mirman – gathered with many star performers from across the globe in Shanghai for our company’s 2024 global conference.

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The China office staff joined in on the fun, and together, we created an unforgettable and joyous party atmosphere. For a recap of the good times and great vibes, read on!

Pacific Prime’s Global Conference

On January 24, the entire team at Pacific Prime Insurance Intermediary (Shanghai) Ltd. extended an enthusiastic welcome to many team elites from all corners of the globe. The extraordinary gathering ignited the spirit of camaraderie and collaboration.

A special welcome afternoon tea was curated to create an ambiance of warmth and hospitality. This delightful gathering not only served as a gesture of appreciation but also acted as a catalyst for open communication and meaningful exchanges among our employees from diverse regions.

As tea was poured and conversations flowed, bonds were formed, fostering mutual understanding and creating lasting friendships. By nurturing these connections, we strengthen the very foundation on which Pacific Prime thrives: our exceptional team.

On January 25, the stage was set for the much-anticipated Pacific Prime 2024 Annual Global Conference, a milestone event that marked a new chapter of growth and innovation. Led by our Founder, Mr. Neil Raymond, the conference commenced with a comprehensive review and outlook based on our company’s remarkable achievements of 2023.

Key Events and Achievements in 2023 for Pacific Prime

Let’s take a look back at a stellar year and revisit some of the exciting achievements and recognitions in 2023.

Expanding our Global Footprint

Pacific Prime Insurance Intermediary (Shanghai) Ltd. and Pacific Prime’s Dubai office have solidified their positions within the prestigious Worldwide Broker Network (WBN). Joining the ranks of our Hong Kong and Singapore offices, this momentous achievement further strengthens our global presence.

Recognition of Excellence

Pacific Prime CXA garnered prestigious recognition by receiving the “Bronze Award for Best HR Management System (Enterprise)” at the HR Vendors of the Year awards 2023 in Singapore. This accolade underscores our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize the way organizations manage their employee benefits.

Accolades for Dubai Office

Pacific Prime Dubai has been showered with accolades, receiving the coveted “Outstanding Achievement Award” from Sukoon and Bupa, as well as the prestigious “Top Individual Producer Award” from Allianz.

Honors from Partners

Our commitment to fostering strategic alliances has been met with resounding success. Pacific Prime was honored with esteemed awards, including the enviable “Silver Award for Best Strategic Partnership” from MSH and the prestigious “2023 Gold Supplier Award” from JD Allianz.

Pacific Prime’s Outlook for 2024

Looking ahead with enthusiasm, Mr. Neil Raymond shared his vision for the future of our company:

“Since the acquisition of CXA, our focus has been on leveraging technology to elevate the customer experience,” declared Mr. Raymond. The praise we have received from numerous Fortune 500 companies for our exceptional services has fueled our commitment to continuous improvement.

In the coming year, we will be developing even more value-added features, such as renewal functionalities, to further enhance the user experience.

While potential challenges lie ahead, we firmly believe that these obstacles will be accompanied by plentiful exciting opportunities for growth and advancement. With our valued partners by our side, we are united in our mission to further improve services and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Moreover, Mr. Raymond expressed his unwavering faith in the Chinese market, stating “China has always been one of the markets we value greatly.” The intentional choice to host our annual conference in the vibrant city of Shanghai underscores our desire for global colleagues to witness firsthand the vast potential and charm of this beautiful country.

And Mr. Raymond’s praise for the China team continued: “the performance of our China team has been outstanding, receiving numerous awards from insurance partners and recognition from clients. This makes me incredibly proud.”

Pacific Prime’s Annual Gathering

On the evening of January 26, Pacific Prime brought together guests and employees to commemorate a year of remarkable achievements and welcome the upcoming Chinese New Year–the Year of the Dragon.

In Chinese culture, the dragon holds a revered and prominent position as a symbol of power, vigor, prosperity, and good fortune. The dragon is agile and swift, capable of soaring through the skies. The dragon’s energy is boundless, symbolizing the indomitable spirit and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement as the annual gathering took place at a meticulously adorned and inviting restaurant that radiated warmth and charm, where delectable culinary delights were served. Enchanting melodies resonated with the hearts of all who gathered.

Amidst the delicious cuisine and melodic music, the gathering turned into an evening of celebration and camaraderie. Laughter and heartfelt conversations filled the air, bonds were strengthened, new friendships began, and a shared sense of achievement and optimism permeated the gathering.

About Pacific Prime

Pacific Prime has grown tremendously in both scale and geographical reach since its beginnings in 2000, but our core philosophy has stayed the same–simplifying insurance, and providing sound, unbiased advice and excellent support remain at the core of everything we do.

With 20+ years of experience in insurance and employee benefits, we are able to help individuals and corporates find the right plans that will give them an edge without requiring them to afford more than their budget allows. What’s more, if you work with us, you enjoy the benefits of our impartial advice and comprehensive support without having to pay extra.

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