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Pacific Prime: A Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2013 Sponsor


A racing tradition for more than a century. A test of personal endurance and automobile expertise. An adventure spanning half the world.

Welcome to the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2013. Taking place from the 28th of May until the 29th of June, this year’s car rally will see 100 motorists travel over land from Beijing, China to Paris, France. In the race will be artfully refurbished automobiles, ranging from a classic 1964 Porsche to a 1928 Bentley to a 1960 Jaguar. These cars and their drivers will travel 12,247 kilometers (that’s 7,629 miles), passing through nine different countries in just 33 days.

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The first Peking to Paris Rally took place more than 100 years ago, in 1907. Eleven men and five cars set out from the French Embassy in Peking; traveling with no maps and little access to paved roads, these men journeyed through sometimes treacherous conditions, and had fuel and spare parts delivered along the way by mules and camels. The rally became one of the most famous of its kind, and after two months of travel, the winning car, manned by Italian drivers Prince Scorpione Borghese, Luigi Barzini and Ettore Buizzardi, received much praise and a Magnum of Mumm Champagne.

Although the Peking to Paris event retained its notoriety throughout the years, another rally was not held until 1997. Since then, the revival of that famous route has seen races in 2007 and 2010 as well. With modern amenities and vintage cars, the Peking to Paris rally is an exciting nod to the past for car and travel enthusiasts alike.

Long distance car travel is no longer the anomaly it was in the early 20th century, however this year’s Peking to Paris Motor Challenge will be no less exciting than its 1907 predecessor. Before the race has even begun, the 100 competitors will spend months choosing and refurbishing their classic and vintage cars, with everything from new paint jobs to completely rebuilt engines. Motor Challenge participants hail from around the world – Great Britain, New Zealand, China, Japan, the United States and more.

The 2013 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge will take participants through the open grasslands outside Ulaan Baatar; Mongolia’s picturesque Lake Telma; Russia’s third most populous city Novosibirsk; and Slovakian capital Bratislava. Motorists this year will experience a brand new route, designed to take less time and give travelers the option of going off-road in Russia and experiencing the novelty of camping in Mongolia.

Pacific Prime is pleased to sponsor the Motor Challenge 2013 team of Mike Reeves and Michelle Jana Chan. Driving a 1940 Ford Chevy Coupe, Mike and Michelle plan to put their engineering skills and travel know-how to task during this great continental trek.

Michelle and Mike are old friends from school who share an interest in automobiles and adventure. Michelle is a freelance travel writer and journalist who has worked for the BBC, the Daily Telegraph and more, and Mike studied car design at the Art Center College of Design in California.

Mike and Michelle choose the 1940 Ford Coupe to take them on their 33 day journey. Beloved by 1930s bootleggers for its roomy trunk and fast pace, this Ford vehicle seemed to Michelle and Mike the perfect auto to carry the pair in speed and style. The team is currently in the midst of training; getting accustomed to driving on gravel, ice and mud, and considering the navigation skills needed to succeed in the rally.

Can’t wait to get our next update from Mike and Michelle! Good luck!

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