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Pacific Prime Insurance Survey 2017: Complete our questionnaire and get yourself a free report

Pacific Prime is excited to announce that it has just launched its 2017 insurance survey. The survey has been created with the goal of furthering the market’s understanding of consumer views and preferences around insurance. Your input will help us inform market players on just what consumers want, need, and value, hopefully ensuring that insurance products in the future better suit what you want.

In gratitude for those completing the questionnaire, Pacific Prime will send all participants a free PDF version of their premier report, International Private Medical Insurance Inflation – 2017. To get yourself a copy of this important insurance report, check out our survey page here.

Pacific Prime insurance survey

What is the Pacific Prime Insurance Survey – 2017 about?

What we’re looking for is to uncover some key findings about the values, preferences and behaviors of people in different countries when it comes to insurance. As a broker, we want to make sure that we’re responsive and flexible when it comes to the needs of our clients. The information we gather from this survey will be used to generate our upcoming Top International Private Medical Insurance Trends report.

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The initial benefactors will be insurance market players; insurers and brokers alike will get a better understanding of what their customers look for when they purchase insurance, how they would like to use their policies, and other helpful insights. The survey and resulting report has the potential to have a big impact on the insurance market, which means that consumers could see insurance products increase in quality as a result.

Pacific Prime itself will use the information to improve the solutions we offer to both existing and new clients, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of insurance matters abroad.

Completing the survey: what’s in it and how do I participate?

The Pacific Prime Insurance Survey – 2017 consists of 3 pre-survey questions related to demographics, then 10 simple questions about your views on insurance. The whole process shouldn’t take more than two minutes to complete. Apart from a field for your email address, the rest of the survey is in a multiple choice format that requires no other typing to complete. It really is quick and simple!

To participate in the survey and get your free copy of the International Private Medical Insurance Inflation – 2017 report, visit our survey page and complete the questionnaire.

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What’s in it for me?

Besides the potential benefit of helping shape your insurance options in the future for the better, the annual International Private Medical Insurance Inflation – 2017 report by Pacific Prime is a premier paper that highlights the premium changes of medical insurance around the world. More than that, you will gain access to trend insights for what may be impacting premium inflation in a number of important countries, as well as more about these key findings:

  • IPMI inflation for the year held steady, with 2016’s 9.2% increase matching that of the year before.
  • The new mandatory health insurance requirements of Dubai has led to a near 40% immediate increase in hospital visits.
  • Allianz Worldwide Care had the lower premium increase worldwide in 2016, while Aetna International (Interglobal) had the lowest IPMI inflation average over the past five years.

The report also discusses what global factors are driving the rate of inflation in insurance premiums currently, and what developments look set to impact prices in future.

As an added bonus, participants who submit their email through the survey will also be given automatic access to the upcoming report, the Cost of International Health Insurance – 2017, when it is released in summer. This highly anticipated annual report covers the average price of international health insurance in 95 countries, for all plans and demographics (singles, couples, families, and retirees).

Pacific Prime: Simplifying insurance

We’re committed to providing the best insurance solutions for our clients. As part of our drive to ensure we stay ahead of our competitors, Pacific Prime continues to push ourselves to deliver high quality and informative reports that continue to support the reputation we have as a market leader in insurance. For just two minutes of your time, you can help us make some good, positive change in our industry, which you can undoubtedly benefit from!

From all of us here at Pacific Prime, we’d like to thank you for your time. We’re looking forward to hearing your views.

To participate in the Pacific Prime Insurance Survey – 2017, click here

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