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Insurance solutions for international and private schools in a nutshell

Pacific Prime is excited to announce the release of it’s recent International and private school insurance solutions infographic. The infographic supplements Pacific Prime’s School Insurance Guide 2018-2019 – one of many guides and reports that their team is producing to add value to their corporate and individual clients. This handy and clear resource’s aim is to quickly present the most common and recommended school insurance solutions that every private and international educational institution should consider in order to protect their assets, finances and good name.

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What’s inside School Insurance Guide 2018 – 2019?

Pacific Prime’s recently announced the release of School Insurance Guide that leverages company’s 18+ years of insurance experience to highlight the most essential, and other recommended insurance solutions for international and private schools. It provides answers to school insurance questions in four sections such as:

  • What is school insurance?
  • Understanding and identifying school’s insurance needs
  • Comparing quotes between providers
  • Structuring school insurance with the help of an expert broker

Operation managers or other parties involved in protecting the school’s assets and operational continuity can use this guide as a first step into understanding their options and to self-assess the risks before reaching out for professional help, for example from an insurance brokerage firm.

Insurance solutions for international and private schools – an infographic

Pacific Prime’s School Insurance Guide 2018-2019 is an already concise and easy to read resource. However, to make things even easier and more attractive, Pacific Prime has designed an ultimate cheat-sheet in a form of an infographic that lists all the essential and recommended insurance solutions for private and international schools worldwide. The insurance solutions are easily distinguishable and the icons representing them say much about the nature of each of the solution. This infographic essentially provides a full range of insurance options at a glance.

To complement the list of private and international school insurance solutions, Pacific Prime’s team placed another piece of crucial information on the infographic: The 4 steps to securing school insurance through a broker. Knowing what cooperation between a school and a broker looks like, and what to expect in each stage of the process, is crucial to anyone responsible for the risk management plans of their school. Not sure why you should work with a broker? Read “Why should you secure school insurance via a broker” to find out!

Need detailed answers to your school insurance questions?

Pacific Prime’s School Insurance Guide 2018-2019 and the International and private school insurance solutions infographic are both valuable resources when it comes to learning more about securing an educational organisation against risk. However, a guide cannot replace an actual meeting with an experienced insurance adviser and assessment of your school’s needs.

The insurance professionals of Pacific Prime will not only help you determine what types of insurance your school really needs but can also present you with different plan options, free quotes, and other auxiliary benefits such as claims processing and account management for your group. Contact us today and get all your questions answered!

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