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How to make Easter COVID-19 friendly and unforgettable

We are now going into our second Easter that is affected by the pandemic, and are more familiar with the obstacles that come with it. Planning major holidays around COVID-19 restrictions can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when adjustments have to be made over and over again to comply with local regulations. But the ongoing situation has also made us more flexible, which is key to making celebrations special. This Pacific Prime article offers suggestions to help make your Easter celebrations COVID-19 friendly and unforgettable.

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How to celebrate Easter during COVID-19

As we enter the month of April, you’re probably thinking of ways to celebrate Easter during COVID-19. Easter lockdowns and restrictions in many parts of the world have everyone wondering how to make the occasion special while following protocol. If you’re still wondering what to do for Easter during COVID-19, the following tips will help you get into the Easter spirit while sticking to coronavirus precautions.

Safely include the grandparents

Grandparents and older members of the family have a higher risk of coronavirus complications, making it necessary to take extra measures to keep them safe. Fortunately, there are still things you can do so they can feel included during lockdown. You can prepare homemade Easter baskets as a family and drop them off at their doorstep. When engaging in this socially distant easter activity, be sure to craft, disinfect, and deliver the Easter baskets to your loved ones while maintaining a safe distance.

Blow out Easter eggs for decorating

What better time to raise the Easter egg stakes than when the whole family is at home with time to spare? Blowing eggs out before decorating and dipping them is a time-consuming activity, but one that is a lot of fun for children. The process gets easier once you’ve got the hang of making the holes in the eggs. Plus, you can use the blown-out egg whites to make scrambled eggs or frittatas for your Easter brunch.

Come up with a creative Easter egg hunt

While Easter egg hunts around your community might not be happening this year, you can get creative with indoor and virtual Easter egg hunts instead. As one of the most loved Eastertide activities, egg hunts usually bring together families and children to go in search of hidden eggs. This year’s hunt is likely to involve just your family instead, though you can make it more exciting by adding more eggs than usual. You can even host a virtual Easter egg hunt so families can enjoy the Easter tradition from their own homes.

Have Easter brunch on a video call

Depending on where you are, restaurants might not be able to offer sit-down services. The good news is that you don’t need to make a reservation for Zoom or other video call services. Having a meal over video chat might sound strange, but it is an easy and enjoyable way to include the whole family – no matter where they are in the world. If timezones allow it, you can all eat together with your computer at the dining table. To avoid the common problem of speaking over each other, it’s advisable to have one person speak at a time.

Go all out with the decorations

If there’s a time to take out the fine china, it’s now. Don’t hold back from making your home look extra lovely this time of year. After all, these additional touches will make the occasion feel that much more special, and we could all do with some of that. Children can also have a lot of fun decorating the house for Easter, so encourage them to let their creativity lead them to anywhere it wants to go.

Take a different approach to traditions

  • Livestream Easter events – Many churches are taking their Easter services online during the pandemic. Take a look at your favorite churches’ website to see what online options are available instead of an in-person service or Mass.
  • Have an Easter photoshoot at home – Your children can still dress up in their Sunday best and take memorable photos to share with loved ones, even if you’re staying home.
  • Make your own treats – Instead of storebought sweets, why not bake homemade sweets and cookies as a family?
  • Cook with leftovers – Avoid unnecessary shopping trips by preparing a holiday meal with food that’s in your fridge. Cooking and eating dinner as a family is more memorable than holiday ham.
  • Dye Easter eggs with kitchen staples – Don’t go out and buy a dye kit before checking if you have natural alternatives at home instead. Beets, cumin, and red cabbage are examples of kitchen staples that can produce beautifully-colored eggs.

Even though Easter will be different this year, these COVID-10 Easter ideas for 2021 can help keep things exciting and, most importantly, safe. Happy Easter!

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