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How to Harness the Power of Deep Work

Deep Work refers to a state of peak concentration that allows you to complete quality work efficiently. This can be done by removing potential disturbances, taking on different work styles, staying mindful, or by setting goals.

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In this blog post, we will be going over the concept of deep work, how it can be done, and how this helps you create quality work over quantity.

What is Deep Work?

Deep work is a state in which an individual reaches peak concentration, allowing them to better absorb complex information and complete tasks with utmost efficiency and quality.

The deep work model is cognitively demanding and will require large amounts of sustained focus to fulfill tasks using this model.

In contrast, shallow work refers to a less cognitively demanding state of working but it also means tasks would then be performed with distractions along the way and do not add any value.

Why is Deep Work Important for Employees

When employees take on the deep work model and concentrate deeply on their tasks, they will be able to absorb complicated information more effectively and produce quality work at a better pace.

Learning Something New

Employees learn something new everyday regardless of the field, and deep concentrating when completing tasks will allow them to learn new subjects within their field of work that they may not have done before.

Deep concentration will allow employees to wrap their heads around more complicated tasks and work out better solutions.

Quality Over Quantity

What makes deep work important for employees is they can produce quality work at the right speed rather than producing multiple pieces of work at once at the cost of quality. Since they understand the issue behind complicated tasks better, they can produce better quality content more efficiently.

Deep Work is More Rewarding

Deep work allows employees to be more productive due to concentration in completing tasks without any disturbances, which makes the experience much more rewarding since employees can feel more productive upon completing tasks as well as self-improvement from learning new things.

How to Improve Concentration for Deep Work

While the deep work model is rare among employees, this doesn’t always have to be the case and there are steps employees can take ranging from shutting themselves away from potential disturbances such as push notifications or just setting goals.

Below are key methods to help employees take on the deep work model and improve concentration for better work output.

Set Clear Goals

Setting goals is important for employees who wish to take on a deep work model as it helps the brain know what they want to achieve, allowing employees to strive to remain focused until they achieve the goals.

Next, break down the primary goal into smaller tasks, prioritize them in order, and tick them off one by one when you’re done. As you tick off each small task, you maintain the momentum and cause dopamine to spike in your brain so you feel happier upon completing each task.

Disable Push Notifications and Log Out of Social Media

Because social media can be a disturbance, it’s crucial to disable all push notifications so you won’t check on your phone each time you get a new text and distract yourself from reaching your daily goals at work.

If it’s unavoidable work-related distractions such as emails or online communication with other team members, you can set aside time on a regular basis to answer them accordingly so you won’t get distracted.

Let Your Colleagues Know

When you’re working under the deep work model, it’s best to notify your colleague as well. This way, you remind your colleagues not to disturb you while you’re concentrating on tasks and your colleague won’t wonder why you haven’t been replying to their messages.

You can start by having a conversation with your colleagues by telling them you’re gonna be occupied on a task for a while and you need to concentrate in order to complete that task. If you can, it’s also a good idea to set statuses on your work messaging app as “do not disturb” or “occupied”.

Try Different Working Styles

While deep work will require a lot of concentration, it doesn’t exactly mean you have to always sit still throughout the entire duration of your work. You can always switch things up and incorporate some movement here and there by getting up and going for a walk if you feel stuck on a certain task.

This will help increase blood flow to your brain and boost the hippocampus, part of the brain that is crucial for learning and memory.

Stay Mindful

Staying focused on a single task amidst a potential swarm of other deadlines could be problematic and may lead some to multitask to work around their conflicting priorities.

When you’re juggling between one particular task and other priorities, staying mindful can help with concentration. You can start by focusing on the current task you’re working on first or take a break in favor of medication if you need to.

Additionally, employers can also offer meditation sessions as part of an employee benefits plan. Even if your employee benefits lack one, you can always pitch it.


With just a few simple steps ranging from setting clear goals and freeing yourself from distractions to alerting your colleagues and remaining mindful, you’re off to work with the deep work model in mind in order to learn new challenges and produce greater quality work.

If you feel overwhelmed during work, you can always take breaks by getting up and going for a walk to get some fresh air so you can resume work with a clear, fresh mind ready to take on new challenges once more.

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