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Great (And Free!) Health Apps for Android

Kwiksurance reviews the best Android apps for health and fitness

With Android devices outselling their Apple competitors, the once-ignored open source operating system is now the top smartphone operating platform, and the number of high quality, free apps available through Google Play’s Android app store and from independent developers reflects this fact.

With user interfaces and fit and finish finally rivaling the iProduct line, many of the most popular health, fitness and wellness apps that were previously only offered for Apple are now available for Android, often with even better features. So, if you have a new Android phone or tablet, stick a few healthy apps on your device to make yourself healthier and more productive.

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Noom Weight Loss

Cost: Free

What it does: Anyone looking for a powerful and compact Android app to manage weight loss will find that Noom is likely the best bet. Noom packages three handy functions into one by combining a food intake tracker to monitor calories, fat, protein and more; an exercise logger; and a weight loss planner into one simple, integrated app.

With these functions, users are able to keep a record of their planned weight loss, monitor progress, and check the work that remains to reach their goal. Noom users can even share their fitness details with friends, if they like. Plus, by keeping all of this eating and exercise information together, it’s easier to see plans and progress on a daily basis.


Cost: Free

What it does: Knowing what is in your food is important; whether you are trying to lose weight or simply stay healthy. MyFitnessPal can prove very helpful in when it comes to knowing what effect your food choices will have on your overall wellbeing.

Reviewed over 200,000 times by Android users and earning an overall rating of 4.7 out of a potential of 5 stars, it is one of the most popular food information apps available. What is even more impressive is that it still offers a free version.

This app is best for Android phones or tablets with 3G or 4G connectivity, since it conveniently puts nutritional information for more than 2 million different foods from its online database at the user’s fingertips thanks to an integrated barcode scanner. This makes it easy to use the app at the grocery store, or to look up an individual food item up by name.

Plus, because eating healthier is just the first step to being a healthier person, MyFitnessPal also includes more than 350 exercises to isolate different muscle groups for more effective weight loss. Thanks to its social networking integration, MyFitnessPal users can connect with friends to cheer each other on and share their thoughts or weight loss accomplishments.

Daily Workout Apps

Cost: Free

What it does: In total there are seven free apps offered from Daily (six exercise apps and one yoga app), and all of them offer short, five to ten minute workout routines that can be done together or separately.

Users can pick which apps are best for them and their personal fitness goals by choosing from specific training sessions: Daily Ab Workout, Daily Arm Workout, Daily Butt Workout, Daily Cardio Workout, Daily Leg Workout, and so on. It’s also possible to get a quick, total body workout with the Daily Workout app, and yoga fans can choose Simply Yoga.

Understanding that most people don’t have a lot of time for exercise, the five minute workout series is designed to be pretty intensive, so although not necessarily great during an office coffee break, the workouts can be repeated as many times as the user’s ability and time allows, making it a flexible electronic personal trainer, so long as you provide the self-discipline.

Water Your Body

Cost: Free

What it does: One of the easiest ways to keep healthy, and often the most overlooked, is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Unfortunately, most people don’t drink their recommended eight glasses a day, and this can cause significant health problems over time. Water Your Body reminds you to drink more of the natural stuff throughout the day, just like most people need to be reminded to water their plants.

The idea is so simple that it seems at first glance to be a bit absurd. But, the comments posted by this app’s users after following the daily reminders over an extended period of time show that the Android community are really enjoying the benefits of keeping hydrated; including losing weight, having cleaner and clearer skin, fewer headaches and muscle aches, and more energy in general which makes exercise easier and more appealing.

Water Your Body can track the user’s daily intake in metric or imperial units, so it is easy to understand for everyone, and shows the results in a graph,both daily and historically. Plus, input is customizable so that it can be tailored to the user’s specific needs and lifestyle.

10 Good Habits

Cost: Free

What it does: There is no getting away from it – kids today are growing up surrounded by technology. While the debates rage as to whether or not this is healthy, especially for very young children, at least there are a few apps that can encourage kids to develop more than just good hand-eye-coordination.

10 Good Habits is a simple-to-use app designed for kids; it fosters development of basic healthy habits that every child should learn early on, and does so in an interactive storybook format.

Most of the habits encouraged by 10 Good Habits involve hygiene, such as brushing teeth, taking a bath, washing hands and wearing clean clothes, which are all very important and as any experienced parent will attest to, can be difficult to instill in kids. Other habits include going outside for playful exercise, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and even planting trees to help the environment.

For anyone with kids, this may be an excellent alternative to some of the other kid-centric apps like Ant Smasher or Plants vs. Zombies that are not only addictive, but also pointless.

Habit Click

Cost: Free

What it does: As long as the kids are learning some good habits, why not promote a few in yourself? Habit Click makes starting a new healthy habit, or breaking an old bad one, easier by allowing users to track their habit progress via an easy to read historic graph, and then provides the satisfaction of checking off the habit each time it is practiced or avoided.

Habit Click is a simple app, but it is immediately useful since it offer a very basic user interface and because it allows each habit to be customized in terms of frequency. Therefore, this app is perfect for anyone starting a new habit, and can be adjusted as the habit develops. With no financial investment required, there is no excuse for not picking up a new healthy habit or getting rid of an old, unhealthy one.

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