Top 6 Hiking Trails in Hong Kong

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When most people think of Hong Kong their minds tend to drift towards crowded sidewalks, soaring skyscrapers, designer shopping centres and astonishing luxury stores, but there is another side to this city. A cursory glance at a map shows that great swathes of the territory are open space to explore. In fact, 40 percent of Hong Kong’s land mass is protected, which means there is a wealth of tree lined plains, woods, mountains, wetlands and beaches to explore. With the health benefits of hiking including reduced risk of heart disease, lower risk of blood pressure, lower risk of colon and breast cancer, reduced depression and better quality sleep, there’s no reason not to get out there and tackle one of Hong Kong’s many hiking trails. We count down six of the best trails. Continue Reading…

Calling All Couch Potatoes! 5 Surprising Benefits of Football


The biggest tournament in the world’s most popular sport has finally arrived. The build-up to the World Cup finals in Brazil has been dogged by controversy and protests, but now that the tournament is finally underway, billions of people are tuning in each day and night to watch football’s biggest stars do battle for the coveted crown of world champions. With three games each day for the next two weeks or so, it is an ideal time to be a lazy armchair football fan. Or is it?

As we all know, lounging around the living room every evening and watching TV is not exactly conducive to a healthy lifestyle, so we tip our hat to those who are currently feeling the urge to blow the dust off their football boots and go out for a kick-around. Football offers many health benefits, and here are five that may surprise you. Continue Reading…

6 of the Worst: Football Injuries and How Much They Really Cost

football injuries As the world turns its attention to Brazil for the FIFA World Cup, it seems football is on the collective minds of the entire planet. Streamed live in 204 countries, the FIFA World Cup is the world’s most widely viewed sporting event with an estimated 715.1 million viewers tuning in across the month long sporting extravaganza. Mercifully there have been few major injuries this World Cup, but history is littered with ghastly physical afflictions on the football pitch.There are countless times when a replay of the footage is enough to make your stomach turn and your insides cringe. The times where you know instantly that the only way that player is coming off the field is on a stretcher.Thankfully these players have access to some of the best medical treatment available and in many cases are able to make full recoveries without the burden of medical costs, but in the real world sport injuries can be quite a different story. In no particular order (that would be far too macabre), we present six of the worst injuries to occur on the football field and an estimate of what the surgical costs could potentially be for those of us that don’t happen to be football superstars. Continue Reading…

How to Fuel Your Fitness

work out fuel Energy boosts throughout the day are invigorating, and it’s extra-important to be energized and awake before a workout so you can get the most out of it. However, finding a pre-workout snack can involve a lot of trial, error, and wasted time at the gym. The right snack will give you an energy boost, and pump you up rather than drag you down. It should be enough to temporarily satiate hunger, but not so much that you are stuffed to the brim when you try to work out. Timing can also be tricky. You want a quick snack you can fit in before your workout, but it can be hard to know just how long before hitting the gym you should fuel up. Here, we’ll clear up the confusion and recommend the best time to eat, the ideal foods and beverages for fuel, and how much to consume pre-workout to get you the best results possible. Continue Reading…

8 Things That Make CrossFit Different from Your Local Gym


CrossFit is hardcore. Some articles will want to convince you that it’s flexible and that everyone can enjoy it, but let’s face it, not everyone enjoys doing push-ups to the point of vomiting. CrossFit is not for the feint of heart. To put it into perspective, the Canadian Forces actually use this in their military training. And those Canadians are a pretty tough breed.

In a nutshell, CrossFit is a branded type of exercise (like Zumba or Nia) that focuses on core strength and conditioning, hitting all 10 major fitness domains: stamina, strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, power, agility, balance, accuracy, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance.

This is truly an exercise for elite athletes, policemen, firefighters and military men. Because it focuses on toning and conditioning, CrossFitters don’t end up bulky like heavyweight champions, which is important for many women who want to do intense fitness training. (Testosterone is what makes bodybuilders bulky, and women just don’t have the genetic profile to add that much muscle.)

It’s not for everyone, but those who love it are crazy for it. Here’s a little of what makes this new sport so special: Continue Reading…

Healthy Foods to Pack for a Long Hike


It’s relatively easy to pack for short hikes that last just a few hours: a snack or two to boost energy levels and carrying enough water to last the entire hike will be your main priorities. Longer hikes – for dedicated hikers that can mean three days or more – will require a more precise approach, with hydration, nutrition and weight considerations a priority. Continue Reading…

Ryan Gosling Did Muay Thai Training, So That Means I Should Too, Right?

ryan gosling

Actor Ryan Gosling isn’t just blessed with good looks; he also works extremely hard to maintain his superstar physique. The 32-year-old Canadian heartthrob reportedly hits the gym five times a week and maintains a strict diet even between movies. Last year, however, Gosling took his exercise regimen a step further with four months of Muay Thai training in preparation for his new movie “Only God Forgives.”

For those unaware, Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing, is an intense form of martial-arts known for its unique use of elbows and knees in addition to fists and feet (thus its nickname “the art of eight limbs”). The sport first became popular when people noticed how effective it was in mixed martial arts tournaments. Muay Thai then gained further popularity with both men and women when it became known as a fun and effective way to lose weight and to get into shape.

However, just because Ryan Gosling does something doesn’t automatically mean that you should too! Although there are many health benefits to Muay Thai, as listed below, there are also risks that you should be aware of. Do some research and decide for yourself whether or not you should be stepping into the ring. Continue Reading…

Freezer Bag-It: Easy, Healthy, Ready-to-Go Camping Meals


Ever examined the label on a package of hotdogs? The ingredient list is enough to shock even a person of low health and environmental standards.

Consider some of these little gems: mechanically separated turkey (described by the USDA as “batter-like” poultry product made from by-product), corn syrup for thickening and sweetening, meat sludge made from mechanically separated pork and/or beef (see image at your own risk), and a whole bunch o’ stuff made in labs with names you can’t pronounce.

In other words, not a great choice for a nice, summer camping trip. Eat at your own risk.

Continue Reading…

Interview with Car 38 in Peking to Paris Rally

car 38

Pacific Prime interviews the team driving Car 38 in the Peking to Paris vintage car rally. As the team left Switzerland and entered France, we managed to steal a few minutes of their time and find out the most challenging moments for the team during the race so far. Michelle Jana Chan and Mike Reeves reveal their race highlights and reflect on their health (or lack of!).

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