Transgender Health Care and Insurance

Across international news, we’ve been hearing the word ‘transgender’ a lot more. Some states in America are passing transgender bathroom bills to make public facilities more (or less) inclusive. The Amazon series Transparent picked up its first Golden Globe, and in March even Pope Francis set aside some time to meet with Diego Neria Lejárraga, a Catholic man rejected from his local church after sex reassignment surgery.

Transgender means a person’s gender expression doesn’t match their biological sex. Diego Neria Lejárraga (who, by the way, was welcomed into the Catholic church with open arms by Pope Francis) was born a woman. People who are transgender usually say that while growing up, they never identified with their sex, often experiencing a feeling of having been born into the wrong body. When the choice becomes available, many opt to take hormones or undergo sexual reassignment surgery in order to change their sex. The problem is, any reassignment surgery can be expensive. Many who turn to insurance for coverage may find some roadblocks.

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Top 5 Remedies for a Pesky Mouth Ulcer


Mouth ulcers are a huge pain. They remove the joy of eating – arguably one of life’s greatest pleasures – and take days to heal. When it comes to the health of your mouth, an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure.

Keep in mind that skin doesn’t just break out for no reason. Your body is sending you a message. So before running to the doctor for a remedy, consider the cause.

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Does Health Insurance Make You Live Longer?

health insurance
Intrinsically, the answer has to be no, doesn’t it? After all, our health is a result of countless factors ranging from our genetics, upbringing, lifestyle, environment and even geography. And it is health care, not health insurance, which has led to humans living longer, healthier lives over the past few centuries.

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Preventative Surgery: Bold Move or Coward’s Choice?

angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie’s recent op-ed in the New York Times has got the whole world talking about preventative surgery. Is this the future of medicine? Is this what the fight against cancer is coming to?

Some are praising Jolie for her choice to undergo a double mastectomy, which is being touted a supreme act of bravery. Critics are condemning her: maybe it wasn’t brave, maybe it was cowardly and maybe she was setting a bad example.

So which is it? A supreme act of bravery or a disappointing act of cowardice? Let’s look at the facts. Continue Reading…

Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy

kate middleton

While Kate Middleton’s pregnancy hasn’t exactly been plain sailing, with awful morning sickness, so much so that she ended up in hospital, that doesn’t mean every woman will have a tough time. Pacific Prime wanted to help those in need and offer a guide on how to get through those unflattering moments of pregnancy.

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Was Kim Kardashian in Danger During Her Pregnancy?

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy mostly revolved around weight issues and her style. One thing the media continuously focused on was the amount of times she wore high heels in the later stages of her pregnancy. Was she in danger? Is wearing heels during pregnancy a health risk? Read on to find out!

High Heels were created in the 1600’s and were originally meant for horse riders. Somehow these uncomfortable, but flattering shoes have managed to evolve into one of the most fashionable items in a ladies wardrobe. From wedges to stilettos, they’re top of most women’s shopping list when it comes to shoes.

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Four Downton Abbey Health Afflictions You (Probably) Don’t Have to Worry About

Downton Abbey

At times, the thought of living a Downton Abbey lifestyle doesn’t sound half bad – you’ve got servants to bring you breakfast in bed; days filled with leisurely strolls around the grounds; and no need for online dating. In terms of healthcare, however, there are plenty of reasons to prefer our modern existence. Read on for a few of the health afflictions seen on Downton Abbey that we most likely don’t have to worry about today. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!
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The 5 Best Ways to Keep Your Lungs Healthy


Lungs are a critical component of the respiratory system; a group of organs and tissues that work together to help you breathe. The main role of the respiratory system is to move fresh air and get waste gasses out of the body. They take in oxygen when you inhale and force out carbon dioxide when you exhale, and play an integral role in maintaining the body’s overall health. We explore five of the best ways to ensure that your lungs are operating at their optimum level now and into the future:

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Working Yourself Sick: Five Illnesses Caused by Sitting at Your Desk


Office Injuries

With the multitude of news reports about accidents at the workplace (the recent textile factory in Bangladesh, the fertilizer plant in Texas, as well as regular mining accidents and military attacks), we might well conclude that working in an office environment is by far the safest option. Certainly, in comparison, working in an office is considered less risky and life threatening, but office workers should not be complacent. There are several health risks associated with sitting at a desk, and while they might not immediately appear dangerous, they can contribute to illness and a general deterioration in well being. Read on to learn what these dangers are, and how to avoid them.

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The Best Health Apps for Travelers

Pacific Prime Health Insurance Travel Apps

Travel Apps

Traveling to the far corners of the globe is becoming more and more common, and more and more safe, thanks to immunizations, bottled water, and the availability of information through guidebooks and the internet. However, medical issues abroad do still arise – a poorly washed fork can lead to food poisoning; airplane travel increases the risk of blood clot; and one wrong step during a hillside trek may mean a sprain or broken bone. Continue Reading…