10 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season of Them All


Sure the weather is cooling down, your swimsuit isn’t hanging on the balcony ready for action at anytime, and you may even have dipped into your winter wardrobe once or twice for a long-sleeved shirt or a pair of fuzzy jogging pants: but that’s no reason to cry about the end of summer.

A new, arguably even better season has only just begun, and it’s got as much and more to offer as its predecessor. Here are 10 ways to get cozy this season, so cozy that the pleasures of summer may just fade into a distant memory. Continue Reading…

5 Summer Activities to Keep the Whole Family Busy

summer fun

Ah, the lazy days of summer! Crisp mornings, balmy evenings and long afternoons of sunshine and smiles in between – until boredom sets in, that is. To keep kids and parents entertained, try these summer activities. Educational and exciting, healthy for the body and brain alike, these five ideas for family fun are sure to make the season a little brighter. Continue Reading…

7 Ways You’re Making Holiday Travel Unnecessarily Stressful (And Expensive)

holiday travel

The one item you can’t pack in a suitcase – and the item travelers need the most this time of year – is in short supply during the holidays. You can’t pack it in a suitcase, tuck it into your carry-on or purchase it from the airline attendant. It’s patience.

For whatever reason, we get stressed during the holidays. We overindulge in eating, drinking and shopping, making the season unduly taxing. Travel is one of the biggest culprits. But avoiding these seven mistakes can go a long way to creating an atmosphere of serenity and love this time of year. Continue Reading…

The World’s Top 10 Wildest Waterparks

When the mercury starts soaring, there are few places more exhilarating to take advantage of the summer sun than at an action-packed waterpark. We take a look at 10 of the best places to make a splash while taking the edge off the heat.  For many people, summer conjures images of tanning and relaxing by expansive sandy beaches, sipping on a cocktail and enjoying sweltering hot days splashing about in the ocean. For thrillseekers though, summer means only one thing.


In no particular order, we present some of the biggest and best water parks on Earth: Continue Reading…