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6 Best Places To Live In Ajman For Expats

Al Nuaimiya, Al Rashidiya, Al Rawda, Al Hamidiya, Ajman Downtown, and Al Mowaihat are our top picks for the best places to live for expats in Ajman of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Ajman, situated along the Arabian Gulf, is one of the The Best Places to Live in the UAE. Boasting a population of about 540,000 people, Ajman is primarily a residential area, with a few industrial zones. The city exudes a traditional Arabian ambiance, with vibrant outdoor markets, historical forts, and mosques.

The economy of Ajman is centered around manufacturing, construction, and tourism, making it attractive to expats. Ajman is also famous for its scenic beaches, rejuvenating hot springs, and captivating mangrove forests. With hot summers and mild winters, Ajman’s climate is another draw for expats.

The Best Places to Live in Ajman for Expats and Digital Nomads

Al Nuaimiya, Al Rashidiya, Al Rawda, Al Hamidiya, Ajman Downtown, and Al Mowaihat top our list of the best places for expats in Ajman. They are all safe, well-lit and maintained neighborhoods with minimal crime rates and a robust police presence perfect for expats and digital nomads.

Al Nuaimiya

Al Nuaimiya is close to the sea, providing residents with a pleasant coastal breeze and moderate temperatures throughout the year. The multicultural area is known for its affordable housing, utility bills, and entertainment expenses, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious expats.

Not only does Al Nuaimiya offer convenient transportation, but it is also near key commercial areas such as:

This proximity creates plenty of job opportunities for residents and expats alike, while the presence of Ajman University and schools in the vicinity opens up employment opportunities in the education sector.

Speaking of schools, Al Nuaimiya boasts a diverse range of schools catering to children of different ages and nationalities, including:

For your shopping needs, convenient destinations include Safeer Mall, Ajman China Mall, and Nesto Hypermarket.

Feeling like going out on the weekend? Al Nuaimiya offers an array of options. Families with children can enjoy the numerous parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities. What’s more, there are attractions nearby such as:

Expats can find peace of mind knowing that medical facilities are readily available to provide quality healthcare services in case of illness or emergency, such as:

Al Rashidiya

Al Rashidiya, a highly sought-after area in Ajman among expats, is close to the beach, providing a refreshing respite from the heat. While housing in this multicultural area can be pricey, the costs of food, transportation, and entertainment tend to be more affordable.

Expats in Al Rashidiya have a wide variety of school options to choose from, including British, American, Indian, and Pakistani schools. This diverse selection caters to different curriculum preferences and budgets.

Convenience is another positive of Al Rashidiya, as it offers good transportation and is near Sharjah and Dubai, making it an ideal place for expats working in these cities. The area also hosts numerous local businesses, providing job opportunities for those seeking employment closer to home.

For your shopping needs, City Centre Ajman and City Centre Sharjah are nearby. When it comes to weekend activities, Al Rashidiya won’t disappoint either. Families can go to the many parks, playgrounds, and beaches there. What’s more, nearby attractions present further entertainment options, such as:

Al Rawda

Al Rawda, a multicultural area, is a great choice for budget-conscious expats due to its affordable housing, food, and utility costs. What’s more, the area benefits from its connection to the transport networks of Sharjah and Dubai, making it a breeze to travel to these cities.

Situated near the Ajman Industrial Area, Al Rawda is excellent for expats working in the manufacturing or industrial sectors.

Al Rawda offers a range of local schools that admit both local and international students. However, if you prefer private schools with British or Indian curricula, you’ll be pleased to know that the Ajman Academy and Al Shola Private School are available for your selection.

You won’t feel bored in Al Rawda unless you try. The numerous parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities are sure to delight you and your kids. Moreover, the following attractions are just a stone’s throw away:

For meeting your shopping needs, the City Centre Ajman mall and Safeer Mall are easily accessible.

Last but certainly not least, should you or your family need hospitalization or other healthcare services, you will be pleased to learn excellent healthcare services are available from institutions such as:

Al Hamidiya

Al Hamidiya, a recently developed area in Ajman, offers a high quality of living at affordable prices. What makes it even more appealing is its convenient access to Dubai through Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road.

A melting pot of local and international cultures, Al Hamidiya provides opportunities for expats to not only experience the lively expat culture of the UAE, but also feel the vibe and participate in various cultural events throughout the year, such as Eid and National Day celebrations.

While primarily a residential area, Al Hamidiya benefits from its proximity to the Al Hamriyah Free Zone, providing plentiful job opportunities. Moreover, the area boasts numerous commercial establishments like shops and restaurants, making it attractive for those seeking work close to home.

Families in Al Hamidiya will be spoiled for school choices. The International School of Choueifat is a first option for those seeking a British curriculum. Other reputable schools in the neighborhood include:

In addition to parks and playgrounds like Al Hamidiya Park, the place is conveniently located near Ajman’s beaches, making it perfect for beach enthusiasts and enjoying quality time outdoors with loved ones. Al Hamidiya is also within walking distance of attractions such as:

For everyday necessities, local shops and small supermarkets will usually suffice. However, for the occasional serious shopper in you, the following shopping centers will rise up to the challenge:

If you or your family require healthcare services, you will be relieved to learn that excellent medical services are available from the following hospitals, which are all within easy reach:

Ajman Downtown

Don’t let the word “downtown” mislead you, because even though Ajman Downtown has all the usual attributes of a bustling city center and offers all the convenience of city life, the cost of living here is actually reasonable, except for housing costs which can be higher than in other areas in Ajman.

But even that should not stop you, because Ajman Downtown offers a whole range of housing options, including apartments, villas, and townhouses, to fit different family sizes, budgets and preferences.

If you like exploring different cultures and traditions, then Ajman Downtown is a mecca to you. Not only can you easily meet people from different cultural backgrounds, but the locals are also friendly and generally have an international outlook.

Ajman Downtown also boasts a mature public transportation system and highway network, making traveling to other parts of Ajman and around the country efficient and convenient.

For career-minded expats, Ajman Downtown is a no brainer. Multinationals and local businesses offer plenty of opportunities to residents and expats alike, not to mention all the shops and eateries in the area. In Ajman Downtown, if you have the right skillset, then the sky’s the limit.

Expats with school-age children will find Ajman Downtown a great place to raise a family as well, not least because Ajman Downtown offers a diverse range of schools to choose from, including:

When it comes to weekend activities, Ajman Downtown shines again. Families, naturally, will like parks and recreational facilities like Al Jurf Park and Ajman Marina. Moreover, further entertainment options are provided by attractions in or near Ajman Downtown, such as:

In terms of healthcare, expats can find comfort knowing that easy access to quality healthcare services in times of medical needs is ensured because major facilities are nearby, including:

Al Mowaihat

Al Mowaihat is a captivating yet affordable area in Ajman. Known for its enchanting beauty, Al Mowaihat offers a unique blend of natural splendor and modern convenience. The area’s lush gardens and abundant green spaces contribute to its serene and tranquil ambiance.

You’ll find a vibrant community of expats from diverse backgrounds and cultures. If you are interested, there are plenty of opportunities to immerse in the local culture and lifestyle, and partake in the celebrations of national and religious holidays.

Al Mowaihat is near the Ajman Industrial Area and Hamriyah Free Zone, presenting a wide range of employment prospects for expats particularly in the industrial and logistics sectors. Expats can also explore the plentiful job opportunities in regions near well-connected Al Mowaihat.

Al Mowaihat is perfect for expats raising families too, particularly due to its abundant selection of schools catering to various educational preferences and cultural needs, such as:

From expansive parks and playgrounds to well-equipped centers including the Al Tallah Camel Race Course and the Al Zorah Golf Club, Al Mowaihat offers plenty of ways to enjoy leisure.

The stunning Ajman Beach, known for its pristine sands and crystal-clear waters, offers residents the perfect backdrop for relaxation and beachside activities. For history and culture enthusiasts, the Ajman Museum offers a captivating insight into the region’s rich heritage.

For the shopper in all of us, Al Mowaihat boasts several conveniently located shopping centers, such as:

On top of a plethora of local and international brands, these malls offer a wide array of eateries, allowing residents to enjoy delicious meals at affordable prices.

When medical care is needed, expats can rest assured they are in good hands with highly reputed institutions such as:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is English widely used in the UAE?

English is widely used in the UAE and is an official language alongside Arabic. It is commonly used in business, education, government, tourism, and social interactions. Moreover, signs, menus, and official documents are often in both Arabic and English.

How much does health insurance typically cost in the UAE?

From our Cost of International Health Insurance Report 2023, the average cost of international health insurance for individuals in Dubai in 2022 was USD $5,687, while the same for families was USD $17,637.

Does the UAE have a visa for digital nomads?

The UAE’s Remote Work Visa offers a chance for professionals worldwide to work remotely from the UAE. This one-year visa allows foreigners to enter the UAE through self-sponsorship and work under specified terms and conditions.


Now that you have a basic grasp of some of the best places in Ajman for expats, we hope the decision is a little easier. In the end, the choice of where to live almost always comes down to personal preferences, because no place is objectively the best.

As a matter of fact, why limit yourself to Ajman at all? The UAE comprises 7 wonderful emirates and each one of them is magnetic in its own ways. Dubai, for example, is famous for its modernity and architectural wonders, while Sharjah is often called the “Cultural Capital of the Arab World”.

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