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Are we able to record our dreams now?


Ever wanted to remember your dreams more vividly? How about see them on TV? Secretly, we have as well. NPR Health news released an article today discussing how scientists have been researching dreams. They may have been able to identify a way to get some more insight on what our dreams look like.

“Because of the nature of dreams we find it very difficult to remember our dreams and to sort of describe them well,” Gallant says. “So the idea is you could perhaps build a dream decoder that would allow you to inspect your dreams after you had them and sort of interrogate them and figure out what you were dreaming about.”

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Now Kamitani and his colleagues have come up with a decoding program that analyzes brain activity while people sleep.

To do it, Kamitani’s team repeatedly scanned the brains of three volunteers just as they were starting to drift into dreams. “We focused on dream experience which can be detected just a few minutes after the sleep onset,” Kamitani says.

As excited as we are about this proposal, it could also lead to the most terrifying visuals as well. Imagine, your own nightmares on screen. What would you dream about that night? Check out the entire article below.

Sweet Dreams from Pacific Prime!

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