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5 Ways to Drink Yourself to A Healthier Lifestyle

With the costs of healthcare rapidly rising everyone is looking to become healthier, mainly so that they can stay away from the doctors office. We have provided some fairly comprehensive advice on how to drink in healthier ways so you can drink yourself to a healthier lifestyle.

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Drink Beer After Sport

A recent study by Spanish scientists has discovered that it may be better for athletes to have a beer after they play sport than to drink large amounts of water. The study showed that beer, because of its carbonation, was better able to quench thirst than water, and that the carbohydrates found in beer where able to help an individual retain fluids better than any other energy drinks. Even though many previous studies have shown alcoholic beverages to have a diuretic effect, scientists claim that one beer after exercise would not have a high enough alcohol content to create a loss in fluids.

What does this mean? Drinking a beer after working out can help you retain fluids and stay hydrated, keeping your body healthy and happy.

Drink More Water

Water makes up approximately 60% of a persons total weight, and is one of the most essential ingredients of your biochemical make up. Over the years there have been many studies on the effect that water has on individuals and how much water a person should drink every day and while there are no hard and fast rules, scientists are fairly certain that everyone in the world should drink approximately 2.2 liters of good old fashioned H2O everyday.

Why should you drink more water? Outside the fact that water is a major part in your body’s chemistry, it also flushes toxins and unnecessary chemicals from your organs, carries nutrients to cells, and generally makes you feel happier.

Find Alternatives to Pure Liquids

Many people find it hard to meet the scientifically prescribed liquid requirements each day. Let’s face it, trying to guzzle down 2.2 liters of water can be tough, and that’s if you remember to do it. There are alternatives out there to help you get the essential liquids that you need that do not involve drinking at all. Food provides almost 20% of a person’s daily total liquid intake, and eating foods that have a high water concentration, such as water melon or cucumbers can be an easy way to avoid having to use the tap.

Failing to absorb more water than you need is one of the major reasons for dehydration, and eating water rich foods can help avoid this as well as provide you with some essential vitamins and minerals. Don’t limit yourself to traditional liquid sources as there are alternatives.

Have the occasional glass of red wine

Red wine is a source of a number of beneficial chemicals and minerals that have the potential to prevent a myriad of serious diseases. Science has found that particular compounds in wine known as catechins and resveratrol have anti oxidant and anti cancer properties, and can help you to live longer. A moderate amount of red wine (one to two glasses a day) can help lower a person’s risk of heart disease and decrease the risk of a person developing a peptic ulcer. There can be too much of a good thing, however, and over indulgence of any alcoholic beverage can lead to some dire health consequences, so only imbibe in moderation.

Drink more tea

A study by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that drinking tea is actually better for your body than drinking water. Tea actually re-hydrates your body better than water, and coupled with the fact that tea is thought to prevent a number of serious health conditions, such as cancer, it quickly becomes evident that if you want to drink your way to a healthier lifestyle then tea is the way to go. Drinking 3-4 cups of tea a day can severely reduce the risk of an individual suffering from a heart attack in addition to the fact that tea is able to reduce tooth decay and plaque build up, strengthen bones, and provide large amounts of essential antioxidants. If you want to stay healthy, drink more tea.