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10 Wacky Insurance Claims You Might Want to Know

We have all heard some of the most ridiculous items and ‘prized possessions’ that people will insure. A quick scan of the internet will show you that most musicians, celebrities and quirky millionaires insure voices, body parts or unusual possessions for countless millions of dollars. Strange insurance for “normal” people ranges for coverage for alien abductions to animals flatulence. However, what gets far less coverage are normal insurance policy claims that occur under some of the oddest circumstances.

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Some of the following stories may be hard to believe, but these incredible insurance claims illustrate the fact that almost anything can happen to anyone at any time, making insurance necessary for all.

One thing to point out is that all of these items below were investigated by both police and insurance claim agents. It is a steadfast reminder that if you’re looking for a way to make money in tough times, we don’t recommend filing a claim as a route to riches, as typically, fraudulent claims can lead to a new lifestyle, but probably not the one you may have been hoping for – namely a new “home” behind bars and a burly roommate named Bubba.

1) Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire

We’ve all heard of, or have known, a Bridezilla and the path of destruction that can follow in their path. But can you imagine an actual fire-ridden path of destruction in her wake?! Well, this is exactly what happened at a couple’s dream wedding in the Caribbean.

The happy couple had just officially become man and wife, and they were ready to kick off their shoes while enjoying a picturesque sunset barbecue with family and friends; or so they thought.

While enjoying the bonfire, the bride got a little too close, catching fire to her wedding dress. The scene threatened to turn into the Corpse Bride, if it were not for the quick thinking of her new husband – who threw his lovely, burning bride, straight into the ocean.

Needless to say, the bride’s wedding dress was ruined, as was the groom’s tuxedo as he jumped in himself after launching her into the water. However, thankfully the smart, water logged couple, had taken out wedding insurance cover and were compensated for their ruined wedding outfits.

2) Blinded by the Moon(s)

Who hasn’t come across them on beach holiday – the beautiful group of women in scantly-clad bikinis. However, as Jerry Seinfeld famous quipped, ‘it is like looking at the sun, you don’t stare’; and here is a good reason why you should listen to Jerry.

A young British traveler was vacationing around the Greek isles, when he was fortunate enough to cross paths with a group of women in very skimpy bikinis while walking down the street. Unfortunately for the young man however, he continued to walk down the street; never taking his eyes off of the Greek goddesses, that was at least until his face went straight into a bus shelter that he claimed ‘came out of nowhere’. Unlike in the movies, the scene didn’t play out with just a bruise to the man’s pride; the man shattered his nose requiring a trip to the emergency room.

The young traveler was fortunate that his perverted peeping injury was paid for by his medical insurance company – although the doctor prescribed no more bikini watching for fear of further injury. We can not confirm if he followed this advice and he was likely to wear sunglasses for the remainder of this trip due to his two black eyes. One thing is certain, he will heed the advice of countless men who have come across this situation before; either stop and pretend you have just found the most interest piece of architecture conveniently near the ladies, or be aware of obstacles perv.

3) Raiders of the Lost Camera

Continuing with the beach theme that is emerging – many of us are guilty of thinking that we can trick potential thieves on the beach by hiding our valuables in our shoes or wrapped in our towel, which doesn’t fool anyone, especially those pesky beach-dwelling kleptomaniacs. However, two British children traveling with their family thought that they could out smart any potential thieves by burying their parents’ video camera in the sand to prevent it from being stolen whilst the family was swimming in the water.

Unfortunately for the children, and their parents, they could not remember the exact location of where they buried the camera. One wonders if perhaps they marked it with an X, only to have the tide wash it over, or even if the camera would have been in working condition (as we all know how sand gets into everything). Thankfully, the family’s property insurance felt for the parents and paid out for a new camera, and dad let his children live to see another day.

4) The Poseidon Ad-Denture

An elderly man vacationing on a cruise ship was prepared for a relaxing week under the sun. Unfortunately, a storm made for a few rough days at sea, which led to a bit of sea sickness for the elderly man. While at dinner with a few other patrons, the man felt his dinner was about to make a reappearance, so after excusing himself, the man quickly made his way to the adjoining deck to clear his head (and his supper).

The man however forgot to remove his false teeth prior to vomiting over the side of a cruise ship, causing them to end up at the bottom of the sea.

The man was fortunate enough to have taken out travel incurrence; claiming his new dentures under “lost baggage”.

It makes us wonder if there is a fish roaming the ocean with an extra set of teeth.

5) ‘Tis Not The Season

We have all gone a vacation only to have it spoiled by the weather. While in most cases you can come up pretty good “plan B”, one woman decided that she would put in an insurance claim because of the money she lost due to the uncooperative weather.

The woman was traveling for a week of snow skiing at a luxury Alpine resort, unfortunately for the woman; there was very little snow upon her arrival. The woman believing that she could get no use out of her vacation, and especially her new skis, filed an insurance claim for the trip, and the skis.

Her claims were rejected (we wonder why?).

6) Keeping Up With the Jones’

Every person going on holiday worries at some point that their house or car might get broken into while they are away. Well for one unfortunate family in the UK, this proved to be true. However, it wasn’t the jewelry case or the TV that was missing, it was their entire driveway.

While the family was away for several weeks, thieves walked away with their expensive paving brick by brick, leaving a muddy dirt track upon the families return. Thankfully, the family’s insurance company covered the missing drive way. One wonders though, where were the neighbors during all of this, as it clearly must have taken several days to steal the bricks.

7) ‘An Apple a Day…May Wreck Your Car

For one man in Europe, he really did think that the sky was falling.

I am sure we all know Chicken Little who famously quipped that the “sky is falling” after receiving a Galileo-like hit to the head by an apple. Well for this man, he must have truly begun to wonder if Chicken Little was on to something.

The man had pulled to the side of the road near an apple orchard to enjoy his lunch. This was when the man said that his vehicle became deluged by hundreds of apples. After the downpour of apples subsided, the man got out of his vehicle to see that an fork-lift on the other side of the apple trees had accidentally tipped over and knocked several trees.

The man was worried his auto insurance wouldn’t cover the unusual incident, but thankfully he didn’t upset the apple cart and his insurance covered the claim.

9) A Staining Situation

Perhaps it was the curry vindaloo that caused it! But for one unfortunate man his race to the bathroom didn’t quite work out.

A man in the UK submitted an insurance claim for a new pair of pants. The man wanted to be compensated after he unfortunately soiled them in a race to the toilet at a bus station which didn’t work out. The reason for the claim was that the man had said the bus authorities had shut the toilet without notifying the patrons. The man was not aware of this as he ‘raced to the loo’ only to find a locked door.’

Just be glad you weren’t passing by the man at the same moment, or that didn’t have to sit next to him on the 3 hour bus journey after.

The claim was rejected.

10) A Series of Oh So Unfortunate Events

Who hasn’t had “one of those days” where seemingly everything that could go wrong does. Well for one driver in the United States, their day was certainly going that direction after they braked too late and rear ended the car in front of them. Unfortunately the driver’s day was about to get a whole lot worse.

Their auto insurance claim read an account like this: “While going forward I smashed the rear light of the car in front of me. So I backed up, and in doing so smashed the front bumper of the car behind me. That’s when I stepped out of the car, but in doing so, I knocked down a bicyclist with my door”.

The details of the report did not speculate as to the sex or hair color of the driver, but it does cause from some speculation.


So there you have it, our list of the 10 most unusual insurance claims. What do you think? Have you heard any other wacky insurance stories? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.