ACA health insurance plans for international teachers

What American teachers living abroad need to know about the ACA

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), officially signed into law in 2010, has resulted in a dramatic shift in the health care and health insurance landscape of the US. At its core, the ACA sets provisions that state that all Americans must have health insurance.  

Obamacare is great but, what about Americans living abroad?

Are they required to have ACA compliant health insurance? When the ACA was enacted, this very question was raised. The answer being, "Yes, in some cases". If you live outside of the US for more than 330 days a year you are automatically deemed to have minimal ACA coverage. Should you be outside of the US for only short periods however, you will need ACA complaint health insurance. Beyond that, if you decide to move back to the US you will also need health insurance.

How Pacific Prime can help

At Pacific Prime we can offer a number of health insurance plans that have been designed for the ACA, and ensure you are not only covered internationally, but when you decide to return to the US. These plans are great for American teachers and international schools looking to hire Americans.

If you would like to learn more about the ACA and its impact on Americans abroad, please read our article here, or contact us below for information on our ACA plans.