Download your copy of the International Private Medical Insurance Inflation - 2018 report

Introducing the 2018 version of Pacific Prime's International Private Medical Inflation report. This annual report has been designed to provide you with unique insight into inflation in the industry and the key drivers behind premium increases from 2009-2017 and beyond.

Download the International Private Medical Insurance Inflation - 2018 report

Learn about health insurance premium inflation in 2017

You can guarantee that your health insurance premiums will increase. This report sheds light on inflation in 10 top IPMI locations and the drivers behind these movements. For many, this is a valuable resource that helps you get the best coverage.

A wealth of medical insurance inflation data at your fingertips

In order to provide you with a strong understanding of IPMI inflation we have included the following data in this year's report:

  • Premium inflation in 2017 from eight popular IPMI insurers
  • Average global IPMI premium inflation from 2009-2017
  • CAGR of health insurance premiums from 2009-2017
  • Average inflation in 2017 by insurer
  • Five-year average inflation by insurer
  • Average inflation in ten countries across three regions

Find out why your health insurance premiums are increasing

One of the most common questions asked around health insurance is: Why are my premiums increasing? To answer this important question in a clear and concise manner we have divided the report into six sections:

    1. Key findings from the report
    2. Average IPMI inflation in 2017
    3. Overview of inflation by insurer
    4. Inflation drivers
    5. Emerging inflation trends to watch
    6. Analysis of inflation by country