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Our Services

3,000+ corporate clients, and over 500,000 members worldwide have benefited from our service excellence and robust solutions. With us, your company will benefit from:

  • Consultancy services that examine your current needs and any potential insurance-related pain points
  • Insider’s knowledge and market intelligence to ensure that your employee benefits are competitive in your industry
  • Benefits consultancy services that offer year-round reviews of your corporate insurance performance, in-depth claims analysis to help you manage usage during the year
  • Strong influence in negotiating policy conditions, claims, and premium savings.
  • Dedicated teams for year-round claims and benefits assistance, including a point of contact for your HR and employees
  • Claims, inquiries, staff communication, and policy data analysis support offered at no extra cost vs going direct to an insurance company
  • Advice on the most effective cost containment measures to ensure the long term maintainability of any employee benefits solution

Our Solutions

As a leading broker we are able to offer a significant advantage when it comes to solutions that not only support your company but also relieve the burden on HR teams. Our team will:

  • Negotiate terms and premiums with top insurers from around the globe
  • Keep your company compliant with multi-jurisdictional employee benefits solutions
  • Complete investment in your business and staffing needs, designing and implementing solutions that meet your specific budget and benefit requirements
  • Utilize in-house developed IT systems to ensure the most effective management of benefits solutions and group insurance for employees
  • Work to include the best and most holistic solutions for your staff, including: medical, wellness, life insurance, critical illness, property, and public liability


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Our commitment to simplifying insurance matters has made us the broker of choice for 3,000+ companies, and over 500,000 clients worldwide. In recognition of our excellence, we’ve also garnered numerous awards and accolades, such as Bupa’s Innovative Excellence Award in 2016, and Best Performing Intermediary Award in 2017.

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