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What is the meaning of country of residence

What is the meaning of country of residence

What is the meaning of country of residence?

During the application process Pacific Prime will gather information on behalf of the health insurer, in order to determine the details and conditions on your health insurance policy and to also calculate the cost of your health insurance premium. Pacific Prime will ask for details of your country of residence, among other personal details such as your nationality, age, and medical history.

Your country of residence is the country in which you are currently living in, at the time you process your application. You do not need to have citizenship to your country of residence nor do you need to have been living in this country for a certain period of time; essentially your country of residence will be the country in which you use a residential mailing address. Your country of residence will also imply your intention to live in this country for the foreseeable future. Your nationality, on the other hand, is the country in which you have citizenship and will be stated in your passport.

Details of your country of residence and nationality are important when applying for a health insurance policy. Due to the varying health care costs around the world, the country in which you are currently living, your 'country or residence', will influence the cost of your health insurance premium. If you are applying for a travel health insurance plan, the health insurance provider may not provide you with medical expenses in your national country or your country of residence. The insurer may only cover the costs of your medical expenses while you travel outside of these country regions.

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