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Inpatient Cover

In patient treatment means that an overnight stay in hospital is required and is covered by every health insurance abroad policy.

All health insurance abroad plans cover in-patient medical care that requires a stay in hospital, and the patient is able to choose any hospital and any surgeon. Most surgery, even as an out-patient is also included in this level of cover, but it is advisable to check this, as international insurance companies conditions can vary.

The costs related to hospitalisation and surgery can be astronomical. Whilst most people only undergo an operation two or three times during their lifetime, the costs involved in one small operation can be more than all the insurance premiums they ever pay.

Health insurance abroad policies offer optional additions such as out-patient, dental and maternity cover can be added to inpatient cover, but an inpatient only plan is available from most health insurance abroad providers.

Typical benefits of inpatient cover include:

  • Semi-private/private hospital room
  • In-patient medicine
  • Organ transplant
  • Out-patient surgery
  • Surgery, Anaesthesist and Operating theatre charges
  • Surgical appliances and prostheses
  • Intensive care room
  • Ambulance costs
  • In-patient Lab tests, X-rays, Diagnostic tests, MRI etc.
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