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Maternity Health Insurance

We help couples understand the procedure of maternity insurance when it comes to their pregnancy, helping you evaluate the key aspects to determine the quality of your insurance.

Maternity Insurance

Since each insurer has a different approach and procedure for providing the more predictable expenses, such as vaccinations and health checks for newborns, talk to us to find your easiest and most effective options. We'll explain how waiting times (or a waiting period) of maternity insurance will affect your policy, and go over the time that must pass before any insurer will cover pregnancy expenses.

Maternity Plans

By working with a range of insurers, we are able to provide insight and detailed experience when choosing maternity cover. We stand by our plans and insurers and are sensitive to feedback, and any bad experiences with insurers will not be ignored. Pacific Prime prides itself on being careful and concerned with the advice we provide our customers.

Maternity Insurance If You are already Pregnant

As a gentle reminder to those looking to get pregnant or those who already are, most insurance policies will decline coverage with immediate or current pregnancy. In most cases, insurers require a moratorium (a waiting period) of around 10 months or more, of paid maternity coverage before covering pregnancy, birth and/or newborn coverage. Maternity coverage works this way to prevent the insurance companies from losing too much money and giving away free coverage as pregnancy care and birth costs can be quite expensive. Also, covering any complications can also be quite difficult as well.

Maternity cover covers the costs related to

Pre and Post-natal treatments & examinations

Medically prescribed Caesarian

Normal delivery

Delivery with complications

Delivery following fertility treatment

Hospital or Home delivery costs

Comprehensive maternity plans will also cover

Care of newborn children

Fertility treatments

Congenital birth defects

Maternity policies can also include the medical treatment required for newborns if something unexpected happens.

Direct Billing

Most insurance plans will allow you to choose your own obstetrician for your comfort and convenience. For simplicity’s sake it is worth checking to see if your insurer allows direct billing, allowing you to bypass a headache of bills and repayment from the insurer.

Existing Cover

It is just important to understand your regular health insurance plan and get more coverage if you need to. Pacific Prime’s insurance agents are able to take your existing coverage and add on more or help you change plans from insurer or even change plans within the same insurance group.


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