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Group Health Insurance

We can offer premium discounts on medical insurance and customize coverage for your specific group.

Group Insurance

Group plans generally provide better coverage than individual plans. This is because your group policy can include coverage for pre-existing conditions whereas individual policies generally exclude pre-existing conditions.

Covering Your Group

Your group may be among others a company, sports club or social club. We can offer premium discounts on medical insurance and customize your coverage for whichever group you fit into.

Pacific Prime has developed long standing relationships with several major health insurance companies, allowing for reduced rates when compared to dealing with the insurer directly.


The group health insurance plans can include deductibles (excess) to keep your premiums low and minimize the plan administration. Our advisors can tailor your group plan to allow employees of different levels to receive alternative benefits and coverage. Your group plan can be customized to include benefits such as dental, maternity, personal accident, medical evacuation and many others.

Extending Policies

If a member leaves the group, many insurers will allow the individual to change to an individual plan and allow all pre-existing conditions coverage to remain the same. This is a significant advantage for the policy holder. Group health insurance policies are not country specific so if a member was to relocate to another country the coverage will go with them.

Far Reaching Administration

Pacific Prime has developed relationships with the world's largest and most respected insurance providers. These relationships allow our consultants to help administer coverage for employees around the world with three or more group members.

Bespoke Quotes

We can provide a bespoke insurance quote. To receive your quote, simply fill in the group enquiry form and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements and quote or browse our free online quotation tool.

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