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United Arab Emirates

Updated information on state and foreign healthcare Insurance in the United Arab Emirates.

United Arab Emirates Health Insurance

Pacific Prime is an insurance intermediary specialising in providing medical insurance for UAE nationals. If you are a non UAE national and moving to UAE we can also provide plans that meet your specific requirements.

State Healthcare

Standards of healthcare in the UAE are considered to be very high. The government has traditionally highly prioritized its healthcare sector, and has gradually increased government spending, especially during good economic years. The UAE government’s total expenditure on healthcare from 1996 to 2003 was estimated to be around $436 million USD. In 2006, total expenditures on healthcare made up 2.6 percent of the UAE’s gross domestic product (GDP). Healthcare is free for all UAE citizens, but very expensive for expatriates without insurance. The government is currently working on creating a health insurance scheme for expatriates working in the Emirates.

Tourism and Insurance

Tourists to UAE are required to be covered by travel or health insurance. If you are not already covered with an international health insurance plan, you are required to purchase local health insurance to cover yourself for the duration of the stay.

Travelling to the UAE

Expatriates and travelers who are planning to travel to the UAE are advised to purchase an international medical insurance policy beforehand. Healthcare services in the UAE can be very expensive without insurance coverage. For example, a regular doctor’s consultation in Dubai can cost $120 USD per visit, not including additional medication or diagnostic procedures costs. 

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