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Hong Kong

Our Hong Kong page with updates on health insurance news and what is happening in the international hub.

Hong Kong Medical Insurance News

Across many cities in Asia air pollution is a serious issue, and Hong Kong is no exception. Although Hong Kong has been making great strides in dealing with its pollution problem, pollution levels still remain high, and pollution is having an effect on many people's health. The Hong Kong government is addressing the issue, and the pollution levels in the city have gotten better as compared to the 1990's, but the situation is still not good.

Condition in Hong Kong

Hong Kong 's most visible form of pollution is the smog that can be seen over the city at most times during the year. The Hong Kong government has instituted reforms to deal with many of the emission caused pollution issues including, switching from Diesel fuel to LPG, using air scrubbers in power plants, and the banning of all ozone affecting aerosols.

Pollution levels in Hong Kong

There is a daily pollution report in the city, and pollution levels are usually their highest from the end of august through till November and December. This is due to the fact that if there is any wind during this time it normally comes from the north of the city blowing all the smog created by Guangdong factories into the area. As these factories are not located in Hong Kong the local government is having a hard time in dealing with the issue.

Hong Kong is a great place to live, but the pollution levels can sometimes be a concern. The main type of pollution (fine particulate matter found in smog) can have some adverse health affects including being a primary cause of asthma. A Hong Kong health insurance plan is the best way to deal with any issues that may be pollution related. Plans are guaranteed renewable, and can contain many options. Additional information for Hong Kong clients. For more information about a medical insurance plan or to receive a free quote, please contact us.

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