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List of Embassies in Sri Lanka

List of Embassies in Sri Lanka sorted alphabetically for easy use by expats. Protect yourself with an international health insurance plan, apply today.

In the event that there is an emergency situation you need to know who to contact. It is for this reason that we have provided a list of the foreign consulates, high commissions , and embassies in Sri Lanka. It is important to note that should an open outbreak of hostilities occur between the Tamil insurgents and the Sri Lankan government you should contact your government's representative immediately. All individuals who plan on residing in Sri Lanka for a period longer than 1 month should register with their consulate.

The information contained below is liable to change without warning and it is advised that you obtain the most current contact details before entering the country.

Australian Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Australian High Commission, Sri Lanka
3 Cambridge Place
(Postal Add: PO Box 742)
Phone: 94 - 11 - 2698 767
Fax: 94 - 11 - 2696 453
Web Site:

Bangladeshi Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka
High Commission of Bangladesh to Colombo, Sri Lanka
286 Bauddhaloka Mawatha
Phone: +94-1 502198
Fax: 508 123
Tel: 2681310

High Commission of Canada
6, Gregory's Rd, P.O. Box 1006,
Colombo 07.
Tel: 2695841, 2695845

Chinese Embassy in Colombo , Sri Lanka
Embassy of China in Sri Lanka
381-A Bauddhaloka
Phone: +941-694491
Fax: +941-693799

Embassy of the Republic of
3A, De Fonseka Place,
Colombo 04.
Tel: 2595273.

Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt
39 Dickman's Rd,
Colombo 05.
Tel: 2583621, 2508752, 2585292

Delegation of European Commission of European
81, Barnes Place, Colombo 07.
Tel: 2698819, 2699745.

Danish Embassy in Colombo 1, Sri Lanka
Royal Danish Consulate General in Sri Lanka
Unit #5-3C, East Tower
World Trade Center
Echelon Square
Colombo 1
Phone: +94 (75) 556 699
Fax: +94 (75) 554 545

French Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Embassy of France in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Ambassade de France a Sri Lanka et aux Maldives
89, Rosmead Place
Colombo 7
Sri Lanka
Phone: (00.94.1) 698.815
Web Site:

German Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Embassy of Germany in Colombo, Sri Lanka
No. 40, Alfred House Avenue
Sri Lanka
Phone: 94 1 580431
Fax: 94 1 580440
Web Site:

Apostolic Nunciature of The Holy See
220, Bauddhaloka Mw,
Colombo 07.
Tel: 2582554, 2502166.

Indian Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka
High Commission of India in Sri Lanka
36-38 Galle Road
PO Box No. 862
Phone: 94 1 421605
Fax: 94 1 446403
Web Site:

Asst.High Commission of India
31, Rajapihilla Mw, P.O.. Box. 47,
Tel: 08-234545.

Embassy of the
Republic of Indonesia
No. 400/50, Sarana Road, Bauddhaloka Mw.,
Colombo 7
Tel: 2685042, 2674337
Fax: 2678668

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
19, Barnes Place,
Colombo 07.
Tel: 2696600, 2698602, 2698733.

Italian Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Embassy of Italy in Sri Lanka
55, Jawatta Road
Colombo 5 - 00500
Sri Lanka
Phone: 941 588 388
Fax: 941 588 622
Web Site:

Japanese Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Embassy of Japan in Colombo, Sri Lanka
20,Gregory's Road
Colombo 07
Sri Lanka
Phone: 94-1-693831
Web Site:

Embassy of the Republic of Korea

98, Dharmapala Mw, Colombo 07.
Tel: 2699036-8.

Embassy of Kuwait
Colombo Hilton Hotel,
Colombo 01.
Tel: 2544644.

The People's Bureau of the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya of
120, Horton Place, Colombo 07.
Tel: 2694874, 2695671, 2691549.

High Commission of Malaysia
92, Kynsey Rd, Colombo 07.
Tel: 2686090, 2692479.

High Commission of the Republic of Maldives

25, Melbourne Avenue,
Colombo 05.
Tel: 2586762, 2500943

Myanmar Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Embassy of Myanmar in Colombo, Sri Lanka
No. 108 Barnes Place, Colombo 7.
Phone: (94) (1) 681197, 672197
Fax: (94) (1) 681196.

Royal Embassy of Nepalese
153, Kinsey Rd, Colombo 08.
Tel: 2689656/7.

Embassy of Netherlands

25, Torrington Avenue,
Colombo 07.
Tel: 2596914.

Royal Embassy of Norway
34, ward Place, Colombo 7.
Tel: 2692263, 2698936, 2699457.

High Commission of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

211, De Saram Place,
Colombo 10.
Tel: 2696301, 2696302.

Embassy of the State of Palestine
110/10, Wijerama Mw.
Colombo 07.
(P.O. Box.204, Colombo )
Tel: 2695991.
Fax: 2695992.

Embassy of Romania
2, Independence Avenue,
Colombo 07.
Tel: 2699110.

Embassy of the Russian Federation of Russia

62, Sir Ernest de Silva Mw.
Colombo 07.
Tel: 2573555, 2574959.

Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
39, Sir Ernest de Silva Mw.
( Flower Rd ) Colombo 07.
Tel: 2682087.

Embassy of Sweden
47/1, Horton Place Colombo 07.
Tel: 2688452.
Fax: 2688455.

Embassy of Switzerland

63, Gregory's Rd, Colombo 07.
Tel: 2695117, 2695127, 2695148.

Royal Thai Embassy of Thailand
43, Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara Mw.
Colombo 07.
Tel: 2697406.

United Kingdom of Great Britain And Northern Ireland-British High Commission.
190, Galle Rd. Colombo 03.
Tel: 2437336-43, (8 Lines)

American Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka
U.S. Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka
210, Galle Road
Colombo 3
Sri Lanka
Phone: (94-1) 448-007
Web Site:

Embassy of the Republic of Iraq
19, Barnes Place, Colombo 07.
Tel: 2696600, 2588905, 2698733.

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