Benefits of Living a Mediterranean Lifestyle

The Mediterranean


The global economic crisis, massive young worker unemployment rates, instability in the Eurozone, soaring fuel costs, huge national debt, and other social woes… ugh! And that’s just on the European side of the Mediterranean Sea. To the east and south there is political unrest, drought, financial difficulties and more. Why would anyone ever venture over to this part of the world, especially for a holiday?

Because, despite all its modern issues, quibbles, and problems, the Mediterranean is still one of the healthiest, happiest, cleanest, and nicest places to live on Earth, thanks to thousands of years of culture and history being handed down from generation to generation regarding diet and a balanced lifestyle, not to mention exceptional climate and natural beauty. Continue Reading…

Big Love: Unconventional Tips for a Healthy Heart



Your heart is far bigger than you think it is; bigger than a mechanical pump the size of a fist. Your heart is also the veins and the arteries that run through your whole body. It isn’t just in your chest. Your might say that your heart is your body. It’s the most important thing you own.

For all the incredible things the heart does for the body, it asks little in return. It can withstand decades of abuse without so much as a word of complaint. But make no mistake, there is a limit to how much the heart can take. Long-term abuse can reverberate from generation to generation, causing all manner a cardiovascular mishap.

Taking time to show the heart a little love can be a life-changing endeavour. Whole pockets of energy and vitality open up out of nowhere, just by giving the heart the attention is so badly needs. Continue Reading…

8 Tips to Stay Healthy with a Busy Lifestyle

Are you a busy, serial multi-tasker? If so, it’s likely your own health is way down on your list of priorities. We urge you to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to sit down, relax and focus on our ‘8 tips to stay healthy with a busy lifestyle’.  Because everything starts with a ‘ME’.

Pacific Prime Busy Lifestyle

Running for the train!

1. Get some zzzzzzz

Sleep. It can’t be overstated what a good night’s rest can do for you. Experts agree that we need 7-9 hours continuous sleep in order to perform at optimum level. A prolonged lack of quality, restorative sleep (that’s several cycles which include the ‘light’ sleep cycle or ‘rapid eye movement (REM)’ phase) will seriously begin to affect not just your mental acuity, but, according to latest research, can also make you pile on the pounds.
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New Year, New You?

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Finding it impossible to shed the belly bulge? With many of us hitting the gym in earnest following the holiday season, we take a look at what your diet and lifestyle might be saying about you, and finding that appearances can be deceptive.

We’re living longer and WHO figures show that overall blood pressure and cholesterol rates have, in fact, dropped over the last 30 years. But BMI and ‘fasting glucose’ levels have increased; both factors in chronic, non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular disease. In fact non-communicable disease is estimated to account for a staggering 87% of all deaths in the United States according to WHO data.
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