Tread Lightly: How to Minimize Your Impact and Travel Responsibly

travel responsibly

With the prices of airfare as cheap as ever, there’s never been a better time to escape the rushing monotony of ‘real life’ and jet off to a tropical island paradise, climb a mountain, go on safari or explore the ruins of an ancient civilization. Every corner of the globe is so accessible that we’re spoilt for choice on where to travel: and the question of how we should travel is often not addressed. Travelling and experiencing a different culture first hand is an important way to learn more about both ourselves and the world we inhabit, but a great number of tourists and travellers tend to disregard the impact that their travels have on local environments.

The ‘travel destinations’ that we head to on holidays or for extended trips are in fact, someone’s home. The impact of what you do and how you spend your time whilst travelling is felt long after you leave, so it is important that as responsible travellers, we respect the natural and often delicate balance of the places we visit and experience.

Tourism can have incredible benefits to local communities and indeed whole countries, but this economic gain should not be at the expense of culture or environment. By embracing a few simple principles, it’s easy to experience everything that a country has to offer without having a negative impact on the communities or environment of the areas you visit, maintaining the culture and natural beauty for generations to come. Continue Reading…

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The Wacky World of Celebrity Body Part Insurance

j lo Celebrities insure the wackiest things. Allegedly. Now that’s key, because there’s little evidence to support most of the wild claims circulating involving billions in insurance policies taken out by self-aggrandising celebrities. And yet body part insurance is very real. It’s not just for celebrities, it’s for everyone. Usually an extension of disability and life insurance, body part insurance has a necessary place in the world of specialty insurance. Continue Reading…

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5 Summer Activities to Keep the Whole Family Busy

summer fun

Ah, the lazy days of summer! Crisp mornings, balmy evenings and long afternoons of sunshine and smiles in between – until boredom sets in, that is. To keep kids and parents entertained, try these summer activities. Educational and exciting, healthy for the body and brain alike, these five ideas for family fun are sure to make the season a little brighter. Continue Reading…

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Calling All Couch Potatoes! 5 Surprising Benefits of Football


The biggest tournament in the world’s most popular sport has finally arrived. The build-up to the World Cup finals in Brazil has been dogged by controversy and protests, but now that the tournament is finally underway, billions of people are tuning in each day and night to watch football’s biggest stars do battle for the coveted crown of world champions. With three games each day for the next two weeks or so, it is an ideal time to be a lazy armchair football fan. Or is it?

As we all know, lounging around the living room every evening and watching TV is not exactly conducive to a healthy lifestyle, so we tip our hat to those who are currently feeling the urge to blow the dust off their football boots and go out for a kick-around. Football offers many health benefits, and here are five that may surprise you. Continue Reading…

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6 of the Worst: Football Injuries and How Much They Really Cost

football injuries As the world turns its attention to Brazil for the FIFA World Cup, it seems football is on the collective minds of the entire planet. Streamed live in 204 countries, the FIFA World Cup is the world’s most widely viewed sporting event with an estimated 715.1 million viewers tuning in across the month long sporting extravaganza. Mercifully there have been few major injuries this World Cup, but history is littered with ghastly physical afflictions on the football pitch.There are countless times when a replay of the footage is enough to make your stomach turn and your insides cringe. The times where you know instantly that the only way that player is coming off the field is on a stretcher.Thankfully these players have access to some of the best medical treatment available and in many cases are able to make full recoveries without the burden of medical costs, but in the real world sport injuries can be quite a different story. In no particular order (that would be far too macabre), we present six of the worst injuries to occur on the football field and an estimate of what the surgical costs could potentially be for those of us that don’t happen to be football superstars. Continue Reading…

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How to Do Europe in Two Weeks or Less


The fact is you can’t do Europe in two weeks. You can only be in Europe for two weeks, which, though it may not carry as much weight on a bucket list, is as good a way as any to spend a vacation.

And besides, vacations are for enjoying, not for checking things off lists. So before you book that Eurorail pass and start planning 15 countries in 14 days, just take a moment and think about how much fun you’re actually planning to have on this trip. Continue Reading…

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Travel Insurance Vs. Health Insurance: What’s the Difference?

travel insurance

It’s important to be insured while away from your home country. (See our article on travel insurance for more on this). But, travel insurance and health insurance aren’t the same thing – in fact, they’re very different. Which one should you buy before starting your journey? Read on to find out more. Continue Reading…

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A Beginners Guide to Hiking: Lessons Learnt by a First Time Trekker Traversing the Himalayas

hiking himalayas

Our very own Luke James takes in the view

Expertise in anything is gained slowly; eked out from years of practice and experience before one achieves eventual mastery of a chosen discipline. Dedication to the perfection of a craft affords one a degree of authority, the ability to bestow knowledge on others based on lessons learned over the years.

The information contained here does not come from this type of authority. I am no expert at hiking. In fact, hoisting my flabby haunches from the couch to grab some food from the fridge was what I previously considered a workout. This guide instead comes from jumping headfirst into an endeavour far beyond my physical limits and capabilities, and surviving to reflect on what I could have done to make things easier. This advice comes from lessons learnt the hard way, the painful way, and is offered so that you don’t need to repeat the same mistakes I did when your start to hike. Continue Reading…

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Health Insurance When Traveling: Should You Include the U.S.A.?

statue of liberty

The summer holidays are nearly here! You’re planning treks in the jungle, camping in the mountains and pina coladas on the beach, but before you hop on a plane, there’s something slightly less sexy (but much more important) you need to consider – health insurance. Continue Reading…

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Exercise Like the X-Men: 7 Steps to Personal Fitness

x-men Superheroes are smart, strong and powerful – and so are you. This summer, get your exercise regimen off the ground with these seven, superhero-worthy steps. The days of your fitness future await. Continue Reading…

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